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Cinematic portrayal in a dusky ambiance with a magnificent backdrop: Present the full stature of a man from head to legs, partially crafted from damp vellum fragments, set against a backdrop of a distant, glowing alien metropolis, casting shimmering reflections on a tranquil body of water. As these fragments drift away, they unveil otherworldly glowing teal patterns across his face, upper body, and legs. The detailed contours of his face, the strength evident in his torso
Cinematic portrayal in a dusky ambiance with a... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1024Height: 1024
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Prompt: Wide depiction of a person's head in intricate detail, eyes aglow with an ethereal light. The image quality mirrors a 2021 cinematic 4k frame, set against a dramatic sky that seems to fracture. Ornate patterns adorn the figure, and floating embers drift in the atmosphere. The rendering, achieved with Unreal Engine, mimics the characteristics of a sigma 35mm capture. With an 8k film scan resolution, the artwork feels like a blend of modern technology and classical portraiture from historical epochs.
Prompt: "cyberpunk character profile by Agostino Arrivabene hyperdetailed, blend of human and mythical creatures, stunning, perfect life-death dichotomy, By Beeple, by Kahluta, By Greer, By Moebius
Prompt: Artistic macro photo render capturing a transformative moment of a humanoid figure of Arctic Indigenous origin. The skin, an evolving tapestry, oscillates between its natural texture and pulsating digital patterns. As if caught between two worlds, her gaze pierces through the digital veil, inviting viewers into a realm where organic meets cybernetic. The backdrop is alive with swirling digital mists and luminescent threads, conjuring an ethereal fusion of past, present, and future.
Prompt: water artwork manipulation in the shape of a human body, on the ocean water, amazing water art, ray tracing, realistic water sharp focus, long shot, 8 k resolution, cinematic
Prompt: entity emerge in the style of analog video fx
Prompt: Close-up cinematic depiction against a dusky horizon: The silhouette of a man, meticulously constructed from wet vellum pieces that appear to be detaching, takes center stage. These pieces, as they separate, unveil dazzling teal designs that brighten his facial features, torso, and legs. Positioned at the heart of the composition, he exudes a commanding aura. Behind him, a slightly blurred alien urban landscape deepens the setting. Its radiant lights, harmonizing with the teal designs, encircle the man in a hypnotic illumination, underscoring his juxtaposition of delicateness and resilience.
Prompt: ghost in the machine
Prompt: Amazing detailed photography of a perfect beautiful dirty astronaut cyborg by Steven Belledin, Kathrin Longhurst, Dan Mumford, Anti-Aliasing, Adobe After Effects De-Noise Post-Production SFX insanely detailed and intricate hypermaximalist elegant ornate hyper realistic super detailed cyberpunk on a space colony coloration serene 16k resolution
Prompt: a 3d art rendering of a man in the stomach of an alien, in the style of illusory wallpaper portraits, detailed facial features, dark cyan and orange, detailed miniatures, serene faces, organic sculptures, grotesque beauty
Prompt: human man who is having a psychedelic LSD hallucination of angels and demons surrounding his body side view seated on a chair detailed faces hyper realistic extremely detailed dark cinematic 4K
Prompt: entities more lucid than humans
Prompt: A wide perspective capturing a humanoid figure that is a testament to advanced biomechanical engineering. The figure's face, adorned with silver and blue tech elements, stands out. Surrounding the central figure are apparitions, each radiating a pulsating neurocore energy. The scene seamlessly integrates elements of nature, like plants growing over tech, indicative of a solarpunk world.
Prompt: High-definition CGSociety art piece capturing the close-up portrait of a person, their face detailed and futuristic. The retrowave theme is evident, with ghost neon lights and binary codes interspersed. The environment is chaotic, with broken computers, cables, and a sense of transformation from man to zombie. Pixels manifest as errors, adding to the fractured ambiance.
Prompt: high detailed professional upper body photo of a transparent porcelain android looking at viewer, with glowing backlit panels, anatomical plants, dark forest, night, darkness, grainy, shiny, intricate plant details, with vibrant colors, colorful plumage, bold colors, flora, contrasting shadows , realistic, photographic
Prompt: Close-up cinematic portrayal set against a dimmed backdrop: A woman appeared in a subtle light, intricately formed of damp vellum fragments drifting away, stands prominently. As these fragments float off, they uncover an alien body made of brilliant orange-teal patterns illuminating his face, upper torso, and legs. Positioned centrally in the composition, he demands attention. Further enhancing the depth is the slightly blurred panorama of an alien metropolis behind him.
Prompt: radical shift in thoughts further up
Prompt: An independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species
Prompt: digitally abstract artwork of a female figure under water, in the style of melting, elegant, emotive faces, hyper-detailed illustrations, dark white and light blue, three-dimensional effects, soft lines and shapes, dark fairy tales
Prompt: Insanely detailed photograph of an elaborate and enigmatic "nebulous comet woman"; an intricate and hyperdetailed painting by Ismail Inceoglu, Huang Guangjian and Dan Witz; CGSociety, ZBrush Central, fantasy art, album cover art, sun rays, beautiful woman
Prompt: transparent ghost king, ice, artstation portrait, epic fantasy art, close up
Prompt: Space rain, Starry Cloak, Nebula Hair In Endless Void, Astral Currents, Cosmic Waves | 8K, Hdr, Fantasy, extreme details, high resolution, Sharp focus, space rain, Dn, Naoto Hattori, Zdzislaw Beksinski
Prompt: Cinematic portrayal in a dusky ambiance: Present a man's full figure, partially composed of damp vellum fragments, set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of a distant alien metropolis. These fragments, drifting away, unveil glowing teal patterns across his visage, upper body, and legs. The city's shimmering lights define his face, body, and legs, enveloping him in a captivating aura.
Prompt: ai entities becomming human
Prompt: futuristic concept art illustration, pixel art, in the style of technological marvels, teal and silver, photorealistic pastiche, surreal robotics, villagecore, blink-and-you-miss-it detail, celestialpunk