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book cover design for a secondary revision book for the English language subject
book cover design for a secondary revision book... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1803606938
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Prompt: Beeble Borp, Total Unravel of Spiritual Tone, Shining Holy Light, Poster Pivot Art, Promotional Cover, Ambient Space Lasagna
Prompt: Generate an e-book cover for 'Little Bird Learns to Fly' that conveys the love and bond between the bird family, emphasizing the importance of family and learning.
Prompt: Retro comic style artwork, highly detailed {object}, comic book cover, symmetrical, vibrant, Nubia, Sudan, pyramids, Meroe, Queen, Kandaka, army, Kandaka, Ancient
Prompt: A new, never before seen Pokémon inspired by corgis and dragons
Prompt: big dvck
Prompt: text of the word "cookie". not an image, just text, in plain english
Prompt: pink floyd album cover of berlin
Prompt: The brave little explore
Prompt: “Black Ink” by Jabari Khalfani
Prompt: “Black Ink” by Jabari Khalfani
Prompt: design a logo for a cold crypto wallet called "bnkr" which should mean "bunker" and should show how innovative, easy to use and secure the BNKR-app is. The app will work on a smart watch. the logo shall be very technical and comprise "BNKR" as letters. make it cool.
Prompt: bob sponge boy me
Prompt: bossa nova art deco album cover
Prompt: boing boing boing boing
Prompt: booyah flaming bowel movements
Prompt: "Boys Will Be Bugs" By Cavetown
Prompt: Goodbye Moonmen
Prompt: “Black Ink” by Jabari Khalfani
Prompt: a background that has some floral, geometric and abstract patterns, orange black, and white
Prompt: doobly boobly stinkly pinky binkgly tinkgy poopy boopy
Prompt: “Black Ink” by Jabari Khalfani
Prompt: Holmes book poster pink color pallette