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Violet Dark

Violet Dark


Portrait of a pretty goth teenaged girl with white hair in a haunted garden
Portrait of a pretty goth teenaged girl with white hair in a haunted garden [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1031459582

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Prompt: . Mysterious, scary, lady, with long light blonde hair, medium yellow eyes, very white skin, female. Dress in a vintage fashion style. Cool, handsome, and beautiful. White skin. The setting is a gorgeous and bizarre Gothic castle with lots of windows and high roofs. Holding a long sword, he chopped off the heads of more than a dozen people. She also practices fire magic, mysticism, theatre, fantasy, and magic. Magic aperture starry sky with exquisite details HD ultra high definition full body portrait
Prompt: A short woman with white shaggy hair in a half ponytail. With black eyes, fair skin, and black horns with hanging jewelry on the horns. In a big forest Anime style. with big bat like wings
Prompt: A pretty woman on her knees with her lips slightly open and green eyes, pale skin, black hair and a seductive look about her she’s gothic and has a clear human face
Prompt: Eerie beautiful diaphanous forest mage, floating long platinum white hair, porcelain skin, beautiful eyes, black lipstick, ethereal silver shimmering clothes, surrounded by ghostly beautiful flowers forest illuminated by a night rim lighting through the trees, foggy art by Monia Merlo, Sarah moon, Agnieszka Lorek, John Larriva, William Oxer, Nickolas Muray, Inna Mosina, Angus McBean, elsa Bleda, Elger Esser. Ethereal foggy background, chiaroscuro lighting, Mixed media, 3d, extremely detailed, intricate, high definition
Prompt: beautifull woman,dark,goth,close up portrait,dreamy eyes,rasta blond hair,elegant,cyber punk,barbie,anime,dream,romance,gothic,black,steampunk,strong,white hair,rasta
Prompt: Portrait of a pretty goth teenaged girl with white hair in a haunted garden
Prompt: [Hyper realistic], [Sharp Detail], [Extreme Detail], [Horror], [Dark creepy atmosphere] [professionally shot full body photograph taken with a high quality digital camera] of a [ terrifying ghost] with [long white hair], [bright red eyes], [extremely pale skin]
Prompt: greyscale goth
photography scandinavian oracle
Prompt: greyscale goth
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