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Prompt: make good scencery but in anime
Prompt: man pushing {{dick}} into woman {{vagina}} from his eye view {{sex}} positions Cat Eyes cat Ears  cat girl  braided hair mediaeval  home
Prompt: a cute girl wearing a vibrant plastic lace corset-body suit. She is sitting on her knees on the floor, has one hand raised, and has cute cat ears and tail. She wears a collar with a bell and the word "Kitten" on it. A cat cafe surrounded by cute cats and kittens, Catgirl, chibi, bright colors, cute, beautiful --ar 9:16 --style expressive --q 2 --upbeta --niji 5
Prompt: anime boy looking up drepressed
Prompt: a photo of a young human woman with shoulder length brown hair sits facing forward with her legs dangling over the edge of the red and gold lit stage, staring sadly into her lap as a transparent ghost cat approaches her from her left and touches her arm with his paw. he's a ghost and his colors are black and white like cow pattern with green eyes. high resolution, 100k, UHD
Prompt: 3
11 year old boy He has big fluffy brown hair, wide hopeful blue eyes, red freckles spread across cheeks, a big bright smile, and is wearing an oversized and loose crimson scarf wrapped around his upper body. He is also wearing sandals and baggy blue shorts.
Prompt: ((Best quality)), ((masterpiece)), Digital painting depicting a girl in a JK uniform reading a book with a cat in a comfortable study room at night. Created by talented artists Anmi, Reoenl, and Mucha, this digital artwork showcases their unique styles and techniques. The scene is set in a cozy study room, with soft lighting illuminating the girl and her surroundings. The blue theme dominates the color scheme, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. The S line composition adds elegance and flow to the overall artwork. The details are meticulously rendered, from the girl's JK uniform to the hairdryer and the book she is engrossed in. The presence of the cat adds a touch of companionship and warmth to the scene. The digital medium allows for intricate detailing, resulting in a high-quality illustration that captures the beauty and atmosphere of the study room. This artwork is a true masterpiece, combining the talents of Anmi, Reoenl, and Mucha to create a captivating and visually stunning digital painting
Prompt: Deer boy with brown hair fighting
Prompt: Girls on the flowers field, Sunray, best quality, masterpiece
Prompt: behold a captivating figure that embodies a unique blend of charm and whimsy. Meet the enchanting speckled light-skinned anime girl, adorned with the delightful features of a cow.

Her petite stature exudes an endearing innocence, captivating the hearts of those who behold her. Her porcelain-like skin is kissed by a smattering of delicate speckles, reminiscent of stardust scattered across a moonlit sky. It lends her an ethereal quality, further enhancing her otherworldly charm.

The focal point of her countenance is her large, expressive anime yellow eyes, shimmering like twin sunflowers in full bloom. They radiate a sense of curiosity and wonder, reflecting a world teeming with joy and imagination. Framing her captivating gaze are her cow ears, perched delicately atop her head, adding an element of whimsy to her appearance.

Sprouting from her temples are a pair of elegantly curved cow horns, curling gracefully and exuding an air of gentle strength. The horns possess a smooth, ivory hue, accentuating her enchanting visage and symbolizing her connection to the graceful bovine spirit.

A fluffy, long cow tail sways gently behind her, its snowy white hue adorned with sporadic splashes of speckles that echo the pattern on her skin. The tail dances playfully, embodying her cheerful spirit and serving as a delightful accessory to her overall appearance.

Adorned in a delightful ensemble, she dons yellow clothes that perfectly complement her bright anime eyes. A charming yellow dress, crafted with delicate ruffles and intricate lace, accentuates her petite frame and adds a touch of elegance to her whimsical attire. A matching bow rests atop her head, nestled among her cow ears, completing her adorable ensemble.
Prompt: character design of someone petting a small animal close up illustration by demizu posuka warm colors orange values
Prompt: A cute dragons
Prompt: insane, cute anime boy, brown hair, smiling, trippy background, drugs, mushrooms in background, mask, illusions
Prompt: character design of someone petting a small animal close up illustration by loish warm colors green values
Prompt: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), A breathtaking illustration showcasing a beautiful detailed girl with disheveled hair, surrounded by a radiant glow. The artwork exudes a cinematic light that accentuates the intricate details of the scene. Inspired by the beloved Beatrix Potter, this illustration depicts rabbits joyfully baking a cake. The composition captures the essence of whimsy and charm, with adorable rabbits as the main characters. Created with high attention to detail, sharp focus, and a smooth finish, this masterpiece resonates with art enthusiasts and is currently trending on prominent platforms like ArtStation and Pixiv. The aesthetics of the artwork align with the rule of thirds, resulting in a visually pleasing and harmonious composition
Prompt: Kemono
Prompt: Girls on the flowers field, Sunray, best quality, masterpiece, blood, bloody hair, bloody clothes
Prompt: close up shot, anime, girl and boy, lying in a bed of flowers, headshot, delirious, midnight, moonlight, dreamy filter
Prompt: Anime soft art with sky bunnyboy
Prompt: Girls on the flowers field, Sunray, best quality, masterpiece, blood
Prompt: Gurokawa  cute themes also feature cute characters and vice versa by twisting them. Not only are there many depictions of monsters with overly cute appearances, but also typical kawaii characters engaging in violent and cruel behavior.
Bloodstains, dripping blood, bats, ghosts, and all kinds of strange creatures are common motifs. 
yami kawaii Morbid elements are often not noticeable at first glance within the overall cute imagery. There are many medical items, suicide tools, negative messages, and traces of blood. bloody, blood, floating eyeballs, ghost, monsters, eyeballs