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Man is learning stock market from video recording learning
Man is learning stock market from video recordi... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 191406719
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Prompt: The cyber room of the stock market man with the best view
Prompt: a men in suits with a big stock chart behind
Prompt: hyper realistic photo of a petite woman reading computer screens in a flight control room, no make up, defiant, punk, freckles, short burgundy hair, long neck, head set, control panels, gray cardigan sweater, lavender white clothes
Prompt: An person drinking a cocktail in front of a computer instead of working
Prompt: cool high school student on wall street with backpack and sunglasses with graphs and indexes in background
Prompt: Fast-paced clips of stock market charts
Prompt: illustration of financial trading in Hong Kong
Prompt: the ultimate problem solver, whether it's debugging a computer glitch
Prompt: a female trading in the forex market being excited
Prompt: Big yellow Dog happily sleeping on desk, man standing, Anime, wavy blond haired young man standing inside apartment at night studying at computer desk with yellow dog sleeping on desk (man has buzzed super short hair, blue eyes, casual clothes), 2 extremely large computer screens show price charts, computers show green and red candles, large window behind man shows winter high res snowy foggy downtown city skyscrapers in background, highly detailed, ultra realistic, 8K, late-night, anime digital art, unreal engine 5, yellow labrador retriever in foreground on desk, 2 computer screens, winter background, colours
Prompt:  Coding
Prompt: Day Trading Channel Thumbnail background pic
Prompt: a music conductor directing a bunch of computers
Prompt: two brokers at the stock market, faces desperate and anxious, charts with negative outlook, monitors
Prompt: illustration of financial trading in Hong Kong
Prompt: amazing office in dubai + big screen trading with forex
Prompt: an image using realism of a group of forex trader
Prompt: A Forex trader under pressure
Prompt: a female trading in the forex market being excited
Prompt: Scientists listening to sounds on headphones and reading data
Prompt: the man is playing on the computer
Prompt: I need animation image for business presentation
imagem is correspond a "what us"
my business for analytics and ai
image is purple
image have two people see future
Prompt: transforms this man without changing his face, into a cryptocurrency multi-millionaire, dressed in a smart business suit and with a rolex watch on his wrist and with a pc with an open card of market graphs. sitting in his comfortable chair behind his desk in his luxurious penthouse office with the panorama of dubai
Prompt: 3D image of a financial trader in front of his PC
Prompt: Intraday trader making a lot of money
Prompt:  Man connected to PC
Prompt: Man using computer and programming to break code. Cyber security threat
Prompt: cyberpunk, woman trading crypto, looking at a screen, symmetrical face, human, ultra real