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a futuristic android face in a circuit concept, in the style of illusory hyperrealism, bold, black lines, neo-academism, scott adams, digital as manual, data visualization
a futuristic android face in a circuit concept, in the style of illusory hyperrealism, bold, blac... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816

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Prompt: futuristic human body that looks like a robot, in the style of dark silver and dark blue, detailed facial features, daz3d, made of insects, circuitry, kintsugi, photo taken with nikon d750
Prompt: digital woman head, in the style of sci-fi noir, dogon art, daz3d, 8k resolution, intricate painting, pixelated realism, dark black and silver
Prompt: 3d female face entwined with circuitry,, dark silver and onyx palette, afrofuturistic aesthetic, ornate circuitry-inspired body-art, digital fragmentation, android-esque elements, sleek latex composition, minimalist textural approach
Prompt: scan lines becomming human
Prompt: entities are being transformed into intricate patterns of scan lines
Prompt: Design a hyper-realistic image of an advanced android with a face adorned in a complex, maze-like metallic pattern. This android is set against a background of sleek, vertical metallic lines that suggest a high-tech environment. The android's skin is reflective like polished chrome, and the maze pattern on its face is in high contrast, with deep blacks and shining silvers that create a mesmerizing effect. The eyes of the android are piercing, with a depth that seems almost human, adding to the allure of the image. The overall feel of the picture is one of sophistication, intelligence, and cutting-edge technology.
Prompt: Photorealistic 3D render of a digitalized humanoid face intricately embedded with circuit patterns and maze-like designs. The face is juxtaposed with a black background featuring contrasting electronic circuits and glowing orange highlights.
Prompt: high end fashion --ar 16:9 --sref --stylize 250 --v 6