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Ruby Karlov

Ruby Karlov

Made by: Custom people stock photos

native American

Brilliant looking

A girl

Activity: StudyingLocation: In a classroomComposition: Full body
Width: 512Height: 512
Seed: 1541320131

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Prompt: Creat me a student image
Prompt: Teacher in class
Prompt: Create a high quality image of a young Mexican woman that sits in a sunlit college classroom, her expression a blend of curiosity and serenity. Dressed in casual, authentic attire, she leans slightly forward, her eyes focused on the lecture. The room is filled with the hum of learning, textbooks open, and laptops glowing.
Prompt: A happy university student is listening to the lecture
Prompt: Depict a classroom with diverse race students struggling in the heat. Fans are blowing and students are wiping sweat from their brows. Desks can be shown with textbooks and papers scattered around.