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Style: Default
Width: 704Height: 512
Seed: 1945973302

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Prompt: 3D rendered image of a futuristic steampunk wall art, highlighting abstract patterns reminiscent of Mandelbrot fractals, with hybrid insect compositions.
Prompt: A visually stunning space within the Mysterious Puzzle Garden, adorned with intricate mechanisms and symbols. In the heart of the chamber stands a large, enchanted puzzle construct, its pieces scattered across the room.
Prompt: artificial face made of linear patterns with woman and clock on background, in the style of dark silver and black, detailed hyperrealism, afrofuturism, paint dripping technique, peter coulson, luminous 3d objects, kinuko y. craft
Prompt: Astrological sign of Sagittarius, shield in beautiful colors, intricate detail, cosmic photography
Prompt: hallucinations, paranoia, madness, cavalcade, filter-real, ultra-detailed, elaborate details, 8K
Prompt: Macro photo capturing the details of a futuristic piece of jewelry worn by a person of Indigenous descent. The jewelry combines modern ethnic elements with 8k 3d technology, emanating a chromepunk glow. The craftsmanship echoes the beauty of pre-raphaelite art, and the jewel at its center holds a captivating gaze. The design is complemented by delicate hurufiyya inscriptions.
Prompt: technical drawing blueprint Futurism art style infographics exploded view of  biomechanical head of abraham lincoln by hr giger  retro, infographics, marginalia, detailed exploded view, 1950's popular mechanics poster, retrofuturistic
Prompt: Macro close up shot of the inner workings of an old analog pocket watch. The intricate gears and springs are perfectly illuminated. Fine details are visible. Shot with a macro lens and ring flash on a Nikon D780. Mechanical, precise, and complex.
Prompt: steampunk
Prompt: steampunk mechanical wall art print, mandelbrot, macro zoom, hybrid creature compositions, 3d, futuristic abstracts, made of insects in wide ratio
Prompt: ((masterpiece, best quality)),A detailed 8k closeup photograph of an abstract and dream-like sculpture/architecture made out of spruce wood and in-between the cracks in the wood is a portal to space,ultra realistic, concept art,((highly detailed)),8k,bloody,disgusting,creepy,fleshy texture, gory, disgusting,dripping,
Prompt: The image showcases a mechanically intricate, robot-like head rendered in bold colors of teal, orange, and rust. Distinct features include large, concentric circular eyes, weathered textures, and protruding cylindrical parts. The background offers a stark contrast with abstract floating blue streaks on a brown canvas.
Prompt: the death of the art, intricate details, HDR, beautifully shot, hyperrealistic, sharp focus, 64 megapixels, perfect composition, high contrast, cinematic, atmospheric, moody
Prompt: hallucinations, paranoia, madness, cavalcade, filter-real, ultra-detailed, elaborate details, 8K
Prompt: I want a work of art drawn on stainless steel inspired by the ancient Arab civilizations
Prompt: gears, surreal, mechanical, realism, unusual, detailed
Prompt: Create a wordless art piece that represents the brevity of Ukrainian people's accomplishments. Incorporate intricate details and precise lines, harmonizing with nuanced light and shadow to highlight their brilliance within a captivating composition, colorful, 4k, 8k
Prompt: mechanical entites emerge from the mechanics
Prompt: steampunk China 4k HDDR