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anime girl with cyan shade
anime girl with cyan shade [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1512535017

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Prompt: super cute anime princess
Prompt: white hair. ocean blue eyes. and a blue dress. realistic anime
Prompt: goat with blue flower crown
Prompt: Girl, Cyan hair, Bubbles, Water magic, Detailed, dark purple eyes, stuffed teddy bear, monochrome background, upper body frame, blue particles, white and blue striped shirt,
Prompt: high quality, beautiful face, miku hatsune, deviant art, candy , artwork, vocaloid, blue sky, hold flowers bouquet,
Prompt: masterpiece, (Chibi), blue hair, long hair, green eye, detailed face, happy, highlight eyes, pastel color, anime style, dress, white background
Prompt: ((illustration)), ((floating hair)), ((chromatic aberration)), ((caustic)), lens flare, dynamic angle,  ((portrait)),  (1 girl), ((solo)), cute face, ((hidden hands)), asymmetrical bangs, (beautiful detailed eyes), eye shadow, ((huge clocks)),  ((glass strips)), (floating glass fragments), ((colorful refraction)), (beautiful detailed sky), ((dark intense shadows)), ((cinematic lighting)), ((overexposure)), (expressionless),  blank stare, big top sleeves, ((frills)), hair_ornament, ribbons, bowties, buttons, (((small breast))), pleated skirt, ((sharp focus)), ((masterpiece)), (((best quality))), ((extremely detailed)), colorful, hdr
Prompt: eg. magic water anime girl