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Cyberpunk gamingroom
Cyberpunk gamingroom [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 717981723

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Prompt: Generate for me a cyber themed background of a gamer room, with windows, anime style
Prompt: Computer gamermode
Prompt: An inside view of the Time-travelling Machinery,  hyper-detailed {ultra-detailed: (main digital interface of command), (the control panel device), (the engine room station),(Crystal Spheres network section), (airlock station), (Date/Time display devices), (high tech equipment), high tech design 3D, 4D} futuristic style, Sci-Fi high-end image, digital art composition, Instagram contest winning award, professional photography, Behance 4D Cinema, accuracy of details, space order, proportions, clarity, harmony, focus sharp, sleek, moody lighting, Behance 4D Cinema, CryEngine, Unreal Engine 5, Octane 3D HDR, Ultra HD 1024K.
Prompt: a gaming genius billionare wearing hoodie & headphones, his room has holograms, in the background through the glass the city scape has futuristic skycrapers underwater . gaming setup. arcade. lamborghini veneno
Prompt: epic gaming setup in mothers basemnet
Prompt: a computer sitting on top of a desk in a room, jessica rossier color scheme, supercomputers text to imagesj, cinemascope panorama, cgtrader, from a 2 0 1 9 sci fi 8 k movie, spaceship window, cgsociety - w 1 0 2 4 - n 8 - i, trending on cgtalk, 3dcg, korean mmo
Prompt: Podcast room very geek and creative, with colorful led lights, gadgets, desktop for production in a cyberpunk color palette
Prompt: Epic gamer design.