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High Stranger

High Stranger


the psychedelic mobius strip of life goes on forever
the psychedelic mobius strip of life goes on forever [more]
Model: DynaVision XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 30Steps: 29
Sampler: Seed: 752656778

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Prompt: high detailed volume spiral smokey ethereal abstract painting, gradient, smooth colors, pastel and neon colors, light fumes, 3 dimensional, high volume, light passing through colored gas clouds, tiny mirrors refract and reflect light, glowing lights, dynamic image, motion, movement
Prompt: Beautiful creation
Prompt: Vibrant abstract digital artwork, dazzling colors, dynamic composition, high energy, modern digital art, vibrant, abstract, digital, high energy, dynamic composition, best quality, colorful, vivid tones, professional lighting
Prompt: Beautiful creation
Prompt: as real person, photorealistic , photo taken by canon d750, hyperrealistic, with a natural skin, in multidimensional space, voronoi colonnade sierpinski, fibonacci, moebius strip, menger, lissajous, hilbert curve, mandelbrot Never underestimate the willingness of the greedy to throw you under the bus, in the style of sinusoidal, Curving, Graceful, Flowing, Smooth, Harmonious, Sine-shaped, Wavelike, Undulating, Ser8pentine, Rhythmic, Symmetrical, Oscillating, Elegant, Fluid, Organic, Continuous, Periodic, Balanced, Mesmerizing, Hypnotic, Cyclical, Subtle, Geometric, Tranquil, Grace-giving, Aesthetically pleasing, Harmonic, Sinuous, Timeless, Captivating, Flowy, Calming, Fluidic, S-shaped, Enigmatic, Dynamic, Serene, Artistic, Mesmeric, a man in the style of electrocasterism
Prompt: Colorful abstract painting with flowing waves of vibrant colors, impressionistic brush strokes, high quality, oil painting, vibrant colors, flowing waves, impressionistic, colorful, abstract, artistic, dynamic brush strokes, vibrant and lively atmosphere
Prompt: Abstract digital art, vibrant colors, surreal composition, dreamlike atmosphere, high quality, modern art, swirling textures, ethereal lighting, psychedelic, vibrant tones, fantasy, mysterious and intriguing