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Pareidolia photograph galaxy made of translucent matter
Pareidolia photograph galaxy made of translucen... [more]

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Old people, body Deformities
Old people, body Deformities [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 752Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 556442877

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Prompt: a bubble-like glowing universe in an Inter-dimensional void, with lights inside it, transparent connection to each other (space) (nebula) (outside of reality) (bubble-like)
Prompt: A time warp through space
Prompt: view from center of Tarantula Nebula
Prompt: galaxies
Prompt: Litera c rzucająca się w oczy a w tle kosmos
Prompt: an endless void filled with stars and galaxies and planets and gas clouds and beautifull stars
Prompt: please generate a high-resolution image that portrays a humanoid celestial being resembling Arishem the Judge from the eternals marvel. This being is positioned behind a nebula or universe bubble, suspended in an empty void, resulting in a low-contrast scene extending beyond our universe. The image should highlight a seamless gradient transition from the bubble to the void.
Prompt: Gold and pink cosmic space dust surrounding a black hole
Prompt: Create a realistic gorgeous nebula that is blue, green and purple. Add a cyan aurora around it
Prompt: Galaxy
Prompt: Painting of dark galaxy with a few stars and a small Milky Way galaxy. a star is falling with smoke trailing behind.
Prompt: Two galaxy’s colliding
Prompt: A gorgeous hyper realistic Nebula
Prompt: the galaxy, with a figure of GOD
Prompt: Painting of dark galaxy with a few stars and a small Milky Way galaxy. a star is falling with smoke trailing behind.
Prompt: all the universe wrapped in a vapes pod, a lighting contained inside a vapes pod, super realistic, hyper detailed, dramatic lighting, 8k
Prompt: Please imagine you are a tiny speck of matter floating across a celestial sea of stars.  it is deadly, silent, horrifying, and beautiful all at the same time.
Prompt:  A massive black hole at the center of a galaxy, surrounded by bright stars and colorful gas clouds. The scene is intense and awe-inspiring, as if witnessing the power of the universe itself. Digital Illustration with a dark color palette and strong contrasts. --ar 16:9 --v 4
Prompt: hyper-realistic, HD, 8k resolution, realistic lighting, painting of a supernova
Prompt: Celestial
Prompt: Supernova
Prompt: he artwork should predominantly feature deep, dark shades to represent the infinite void of space, contrasted by vibrant and radiant hues to depict distant stars and galaxies.
Use fluid brushstrokes to create the impression of dynamic and swirling nebulae, conveying the majestic movements of cosmic matter in the void.
Incorporate brilliant bursts of color to represent distant star clusters, exuding a sense of energy and radiance within the darkness of space.
Include awe-inspiring elements such as distant galaxies, star formations, and cosmic dust clouds to evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue.
Ensure that the composition maintains a sense of depth, drawing the viewer's gaze deeper into the celestial wonders of the artwork.
Capture the essence of Frank Frazetta's style, infusing the painting with a touch of surrealism and a hint of fantasy, elevating the cosmic scenes to extraordinary heights.
Prompt: red galaxy space star super nova