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Surreal Asteroid
from personally trained digital illustration model


an astronaut on an asteroid, by Dan McPharlin and Gediminas Pranckevicius and Glen Keane, character portrait, dreamlike, behance hd
an astronaut on an asteroid, by Dan McPharlin a... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 832Height: 1216
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Prompt: spaceman in the desert, high quality, in the style Michael Whelan, Beksinski, highres, fantasy, ethereal lighting, enchanting atmosphere, dreamlike, surreal, whimsical, mystical setting, fairytale, vibrant colors, soft moonlight, illustration
Prompt: Masterpiece, 64k, Ethereal, Space, Stars, Astronaut in the distance, Floating in Space, Landscape
Prompt: A astronaut duck in the Mars, purple sky, reality style, 4k
Prompt: A beautiful alien like world with another planet in the sky where you can see lights from their cities. The sky will have plenty of stars and galaxies in it. Do not put the stars and galaxies inside the planet that is in the background. purple and galaxy theme colors would be great. try to add some more color to this picture.
Can you add a guy standing up looking at the view? 
Can you add some more blue coloring? and more stars and galaxies in the sky