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planets in pastel galaxy
planets in pastel galaxy [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 600Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1467161220

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Prompt:  profile, space background filled with galaxies, nebulas, stars and blackholes, bright colors, planets, solar systems
Prompt: Gold and jewels in outer space in the style of Lisa frank
Prompt: multiverse with space background
Prompt: Creative poster color art of the universe.
Prompt: create a picture of universe, and there flying different programming languages, like stars
Prompt: orange and blue universe, with planets and stars
Prompt: planets in pastel galaxy
Prompt: galaxy and planets
Prompt: Rainbow galaxy with neon clouds and neon planets and rainbows lasers coming off of the planets
Title: "MPC"

Description: The drawing features a creative and dynamic background that merges elements of mathematics, physics, and chemistry, representing the three subjects.

1. Background: Begin with a cosmic backdrop, indicating the vastness of knowledge encompassed within these subjects. Depict stars, planets, and galaxies, hinting at the wonders of the universe waiting to be explored.

2. Mathematics: In the foreground, incorporate mathematical symbols, equations, and shapes that float in the air. Represent famous mathematical concepts like Pythagorean theorem, fractals, or a Möbius strip. This element symbolizes the foundational role of mathematics in understanding the world.

3. Physics: Emphasize physics by incorporating elements such as gears, gears connected by various forces, or orbiting planets. Show representations of fundamental forces such as gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Include some iconic experiments or equipment like a pendulum, telescope, or the double-slit experiment.

4. Chemistry: Depict chemical reactions through colorful bubbling flasks and test tubes, symbolizing the dynamic nature of chemistry. Include molecular structures of significant compounds like water, DNA, or caffeine. Incorporate symbols of the periodic table, such as elements' atomic structures or their chemical symbols.

5. Unity: Connect the three sections seamlessly to highlight the interconnectedness of these disciplines. Use overlapping elements or color gradients that transition from one subject to others
Prompt: red dead redemption 2 posy, space background filled with galaxies, nebulas, stars and blackholes, bright colors, planets, solar systems, vibrant, 4K, professional, clean brush strokes
Prompt: galaxy and planets
Prompt: Universo
Prompt: pop surrealism, background of space
Prompt: space art
Prompt: cosmic space no planets
Prompt: galaxy and planets
Prompt: galaxy and planets
Prompt: planets in pastel galaxy
Prompt: The Universe in 4 different dimensions abstract
Prompt: Saturn diorama in the style of Lisa frank
Prompt: planet
Prompt: Planets
Prompt: Universen
Prompt: The lot of colourful planet in the big space, Cosmic style, 4k
Prompt: a representation of space with planets, stars, comets, nebulas, and a rend in the center that leads to another dimension
Prompt: Realistic interpretation of the multiverse