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Beyoncé, HQ, blonde, exotic
Beyoncé, HQ, blonde, exotic [more]
Model: AIart-SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 100
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 1536507573
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Prompt: Beyoncé Renaissance with Y2k style, futuristic
Prompt: Ultra realistic beyonce in a slim white dress, with a eyes makeup, wet messy hair, tanned skin, exposed intimacy, sensual look, full body image, dim light, at rainy night, wet skin, wet cloth, in new york
Prompt: 25years old Beyoncé, long hair, 90s vouge magazine photography style,
Prompt: “Generate an image inspired by the energy of Beyoncé’s ‘This Ain’t Texas,’ blending urban aesthetics with elements of Southern culture. Incorporate bold colors, dynamic shapes, and a sense of empowerment, reflecting the fusion of modernity and Southern charm.”
Prompt: Superstar Beyonce posing for a photoshoot, full body image,, photorealistic render, ultra hd photo
Prompt: 25years old Beyoncé, long hair, 90s vouge magazine photography style,
Prompt: “Generate an AI image depicting Beyoncé embodying the essence of her song ‘This Ain’t Texas,’ with a Western twist inspired by the American Wild West and deeply rooted in American Black culture. Beyoncé should be portrayed in a full-body depiction, exuding profound serenity, wisdom, and empowerment. Ensure that her facial features maintain recognizable elements of Beyoncé’s likeness, such as her hairstyle or facial structure, while reflecting the spiritual essence of inner peace and enlightenment. Show Beyoncé’s full body and outfit in a way that reflects her iconic style and American Black culture, incorporating elements such as traditional African patterns, jewelry, or attire inspired by African-American fashion. Additionally, ensure that Beyoncé’s presence radiates a powerful high vibrational energy, symbolized by her confident posture and the aura of positivity and empowerment surrounding her. Set the scene with a backdrop that evokes the spirit of the American Wild West, such as a rugged desert landscape with tumbleweeds, cacti, and old wooden structures reminiscent of the Old West frontier. Let the composition radiate a profound sense of cultural richness, empowerment, and enlightenment, resonating with the themes of Beyoncé’s song and uplifting the viewer’s spirit.”
Prompt: Create an impressionist style portrait of Beyonce in the full painting "Nana" by Edouard Manet style specifically, realism, stoic expression. Full accurate dress. The painting must exemplify Manet's commitment to Realism in its detailed representation of a contemporary scene. Create the full painting.