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Layered Chain Necklace with Coin and Charm Pendants
Layered Chain Necklace with Coin and Charm Pend... [more]
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Prompt: trillion diamond coins
Prompt: gold coins and precious diamonds
Prompt: a realistic image of an ancient brass amulet on a long brass chain, featuring a relief of a spirit toad. The amulet should have lots of filligree and look incredibly expensive.
Prompt: trillion diamond coins
Prompt: Need a nice shiny logo image of a Cuban link gold chain shaped with the words LonDaLonk Productions
Prompt: Detailed engraving of 'SANA' on a gold pendant, intricate filigree work, high quality craftsmanship, antique style, warm gold tones, soft and warm lighting, ornate design, delicate relief, vintage, luxurious, exquisite detailing, fine craftsmanship, close-up shot, antique gold finish, professional engraving, detailed filigree, warm and soft lighting