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Make a real wall designed by thermowall and green wall
Make a real wall designed by thermowall and gre... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2001504702
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Prompt: A portrait view of an urban home garden with plants and flowers
Prompt: ((Interwoven Dreams)) presented through a plywood installation, exploring the interplay of shapes and (shadows:1.3). Use a wide-angle lens with a ((Canon EOS RP)) for immersive shots. Engage in the artist's geometric reverie. In the style of Artist ((Ai Weiwei)).
Prompt: Social Club for head office
Prompt: interior design
Prompt: a futuristic home interior living room with an amazing furniture style zaha hadid style
Prompt: Spa
Prompt: Large, realistic photograph of an indoor garden, with fake  flowering plants and with bright light
Prompt: Create a barrack converted into a modern museum designated for tourism. Apply green walls and solar panels.
Prompt: I want something that like a modern bathroom & home decor theme
Prompt: 3d cartoon style beautiful flowers garden in purple gold theme
Prompt: Make a landscape design with vertical garden
Prompt: the yoga club green
Prompt: Abstract textured art image with realistic details and hyper realistic
Prompt: you don’t need any of those
Prompt: Photorealistic luxury modern home tropical beachside vibes
Prompt: A outdoor background with hanging wall planter on X-shaped wooden trellis, UHD
Prompt: A light purple classroom of kids
Prompt: design, more white, gray, less green, 
cardboard tree on the wall, photo art, drawings, office desk, people, work, office, wooden elements, 
wooden elements on the wall, orange elements, printhouse, wooden lamella, plexi on office desk
Prompt: a high-quality shop with foliage plants
Prompt: A professional woman sitting at her desk in a white aesthetic room.
Prompt: hi-fi speakers covered in plants