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3D render of a woman's face, with a pronounced focus on her eye. The eye is bordered by metal strips in gold and azure shades. The overall design showcases mechanized precision, detailed facial elements, and is influenced by a cubist fragmentation style.
3D render of a woman's face, with a pronounced... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: Digital art of an abstract face, taking inspiration from cyberpunk aesthetics. Gold and azure dominate the color palette, with fragmented advertising visuals in the backdrop. The details exhibit a mix of organic and mechanical precision.
Prompt: The image showcases a close-up of a face, intricately designed with golden and metallic hues. The eyes, remarkably detailed, seem alive amidst the robotic and digital artistry. Lashes cast subtle shadows, while the fragmented metal pieces form the contours of the face.
Prompt: A captivating face, seemingly a blend of human and machine, emerges from a labyrinth of intricate metallic circuits and pipes. The face has striking eyes, cool-toned skin, and elements resembling both organic curves and engineered components.
Prompt: In a wide frame, showcase a portrait that symbolizes the convergence of human essence and machine innovation. The face should seamlessly incorporate both living textures and engineered facets, serving as a testament to a world where the organic and the technological coexist in perfect harmony.
Prompt: robotic eye are being transformed into intricate patterns of scan lines
Prompt: 3D render of a cyberpunk-themed face, intricately designed with metallic elements in gold and azure hues. The background showcases fragmented advertising billboards, and the overall image emphasizes mechanized precision in a futuristic setting.
Prompt: Photo manipulation transforming a woman's face into a gilded visage intertwined with wires. A single eye stands out with its photorealistic detail. Surrounding her are metallic rectangles and robotic motifs, set against a backdrop that blends dark cyan, yellow, and the dripping paint technique.
Prompt: Digital doodle presenting a woman's visage, emphasizing her eye which is accentuated by gold and azure metal strips. The artistry captures the essence of mechanized precision and is fragmented in a style reminiscent of cubism.
Prompt: Digital art of a golden woman's face, adorned with a network of wires. One of her eyes is strikingly photorealistic, contrasting with the surrounding futuristic robotic elements. The backdrop merges dark cyan and yellow hues, with hints of paint dripping technique giving it a unique touch.
Prompt: a andorid female robot in a dress with some gold parts over the face, in the style of robotic motifs, solarizing master, hyper-realistic details, ultra hd, dark and intricate, machine-like precision, serene faces
Prompt: a macro photo showcasing a close-up view of a woman’s face adorned in steampunk makeup, with a focus on her eyes which reflect the image of a vintage clock. The background is blurred but hints at intricate cybernetic surrealism patterns in dark white and dark blue, along with subtle touches of ritualistic masks. The image captures blink-and-you-miss-it details, embodying timeless artistry within a wide ratio frame.
Prompt: Delving deeper into the concept, a captivating face with a blend of African human features and mechanical components surfaces from a maze of gleaming circuits and conduits. The eyes are even more pronounced, with the cool-toned skin juxtaposed against a mix of organic curves and intricate machinery.
Prompt: Illustration depicting a face, shimmering in gold, with wires cascading around. The eye captures attention with its photorealism, and metallic rectangles float around. The scene is set against a dark cyan and yellow gradient, embodying a futuristic Victorian aesthetic with paint drips.
Prompt: In a fully occupied wide frame, a 3D rendered lifelike face, detailed with digital engravings, surfaces amidst a realm of gleaming chrome lines and interconnected circuits. The face's radiant blue eyes shine brilliantly, evoking the union of human sentiment and the digital domain.
Prompt: Illustration portraying a 3D face in a metallic finish, surrounded by cyberpunk elements. The color scheme is rich in gold and azure, with fragmented advertising motifs scattered in the background, all reflecting a sense of mechanized artistry.
Prompt: Oil painting capturing the head and shoulders of a man sculpted from shimmering metal, reflecting the influence of futurism. The 8k 3D visuals accentuate the machine-inspired aesthetics, with stripes and geometric shapes adding depth. His exaggerated facial features, especially the eyes, exude a captivating gaze, representing an epitome of idealized beauty.
Prompt: The All Seeing, Ommetaphobia, Thousand eyed, god-like figure, diety, divine, Highly Detailed, Hyperrealistic, sharp focus, Professional, UHD, HDR, 8K, Render, HD, Trending on ArtStation, close up,
Prompt: Digital art illustrating a woman's face, with one eye prominently detailed and surrounded by shimmering metal strips. Gold and azure dominate the color scheme. The composition leans towards a mix of mechanized artistry and fragmented cubist influences.
Prompt: the face of a woman in gold with lots of wires, in the style of photorealistic eye, metallic rectangles, futuristic robots, uhd image, paint dripping technique, futuristic victorian, dark cyan and yellow
Prompt: Percolated Waterfall Cyclops Eyeballs Muted Flowers, Surreal, Artwork, Highly detailed, Concept art, Surrealism, Surreal art, Salvador Dali, Fantasy, Artstation by Sill Scaroni, Gold details, woman portrait, vivid colors, Sill Scaroni signature
Prompt: Illustration of a futuristic face blending human emotion and machinery. The skin is decorated with patterns of gold, metal, and black and white stripes, reflecting chrome-like luminance. The backdrop is a gradient of light bronze to dark blue, drawing attention to certain facial elements.
Prompt: "cyborg women portrait", H. R. Giger's spare pieces on the background - ultra high quality, sharp focus, focused, high focus, very sharp, high definition, extremely detailed, hyperrealistic, intricate, fantastic view, very attractive, fantasy, imperial colors, colorful
Prompt: Photo of a person with a face painted in golden and metallic hues, with detailed eyes that stand out amidst the robotic theme. Lashes are emphasized with shadows, and the overall appearance resembles a digital artwork.
Prompt: Digital art of a mechanized woman's face, beautifully detailed in gold and azure hues. The backdrop features fragmented advertising visuals, and the entire composition leans towards expressing emotion, contrasting with the hard edges and metallic forms.
Prompt: Digital art of a face patterned with black and white stripes, where the surface mirrors chrome reflections. The scene is enhanced by quantum wavetracing, offering a unique visual experience. The backdrop blends light bronze and dark blue, alluding to a multimedia installation with strong futurist influences. Certain features stand out with selective focus.
Prompt: 3D render of a woman's face, made entirely of gold, with wires intricately woven around. The eye showcases photorealistic details, while metallic rectangles hover around. The background features a blend of dark cyan and yellow, reminiscent of a futuristic Victorian era with dripping paint effects.
Prompt: A striking android with human-like facial features displays mesmerizing, detailed eyes and a neutral lip shade. Centered on its forehead is a multifaceted camera lens, and it wears sleek headphones. Ambient machinery and circuits softly blur in the background.