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Gabriel Aries ♠️

Gabriel Aries ♠️

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Prompt: Modern cottage mansion with lush gardens and modern architecture, high quality, 4k, ultra-detailed, contemporary, bright and airy, sleek design, large windows, luxurious interior, greenery, modern architecture, spacious layout, elegant color palette, natural lighting
Prompt: Ultra luxury residence, single storey, organic spatial configurations, hybrid boxy and liquid like facade, near riverside with lush forest at the background, hints of Brutalist Architecture, at night with ambience warm lighting.
Prompt: a tall building with a lot of windows and trees on top of it's sides and a walkway leading to the top of the building
Prompt: a single storey, four bedroom home, in a Hacienda style within a lush citrus tree and flower garden, with an outdoor circular pool, designed in the style of eminent architect Kerry Hill
Prompt: Generate a high-resolution, professional-quality image of a luxurious 1-story residence inspired by the rhythm of Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance. The residence should accommodate the basic needs of a family of five, including a husband, wife, 20-year-old son, and 18-year-old daughter. The design should exude joy and happiness, reflecting a classic story. Additionally, include a separate guest house connected to the main residence by a steel bridge over a small river. The entire structure should be clad in copper and aluminum for a distinctive metallic look, set amidst lush tropical forest surroundings. Capture the image during sunset, with warm ambient lighting to create a cinematic atmosphere.
Prompt: A complete body form of a stunningly beautiful, hyper realistic sustainable flat