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Samurai facing a swarm of attackers, traditional Japanese painting style, dynamic action scene, intense red and black color palette, dramatic lighting, katana, flowing robes, traditional Japanese art, detailed brushwork, fierce expression, high quality, traditional painting, dynamic composition, intense action, dramatic lighting, detailed robes, intense gaze, traditional Japanese style, dynamic movement, intense battle scene
Samurai facing a swarm of attackers, traditional Japanese painting style, dynamic action scene, i... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 650158277

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Prompt: <mymodel>
Prompt: Anime illustration of a fierce samurai on a quest, dynamic action pose with sword drawn, intense and determined expression, authentic Japanese armor with intricate details, glimpses of a misty mountain landscape in the background, high quality, highres, detailed
Prompt: A samurai slaying a horde of zombies
Prompt: Shinsegumi Samurai from Tokugawa japan. He wields a katana. in Background Edo castle.  Well draw face, detailed. Rpg art. 2d art. 2d.
Prompt: Japanese samurai art
Prompt: Wuxia warrior consuming wine from a porcelain vase, intricate traditional attire, flowing robes, hairpin ornament, intense expression, ancient Chinese setting, dynamic action pose, high quality, traditional Chinese painting, rich warm tones, dramatic lighting, detailed facial features, ornate porcelain vase, dynamic movement, warrior spirit, action-packed scene
Prompt: Samurai holding his sword with engravings 
He is bloodied and tired from battle
Sakura trees sway in the background
Bodies line the battlefield
Prompt: illustrazione stile Horror/Punk notte nebbia forestaDonna/samurai
Prompt: Samurai standing on top of a mountain in traditional samurai armor,without a helmet, wielding a large katana in each hand and a halberd strung across his back.