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Manuel Avila Rodriguez (Manuel)

Manuel Avila Rodriguez (Manuel)


retro sci-fi dark fantasy landscape
retro sci-fi dark fantasy landscape [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 864554154

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Prompt: dreamscape
Prompt: retro sci-fi dark fantasy landscape
Prompt: {epic sci-fi scene} Science fiction, psychological horror, surreal horror, retrofuturism, space opera. Fluid linework, ultra-fine black linework, flat colour, colour blends, flat shading, intricate detailing, dramatic visual story telling, perspective mastery, perspective atmosphere, dramatic composition, expressive characters, emotional resonance, dark colouring, vibrant colouring, harmonious colour scheme, colour discordance, grainy colour.
Prompt: Present me an image from your dark dreamscape
Prompt: M83 You and the Night, Two moons, One red, lovers, starry sky, crystal citadel in background, vector art, braveheart, waterfall, handfasting, wes anderson, Makoto Shinkai, Casper Friedrich, couple, two people, vector art,  royal wedding,  griffon, red sky, magic hour, purple lights, benzer method, white uniform, crystal towers, fantasy creatures in crowd, party of elves, party of knights, starry forms,  fireflies, garden wedding, waterfalls,  white arches, stars, braveheart, white human long blonde hair knight cleric and high elf female, flowers, zen garden, wedding photography, professional wedding, shooting star, rows of white chairs, looking up to a cave, wide angle two lovers, close up of bride, citadel in background, wes anderson, blonde hair man, brown hair woman, two moons, background one red moon, isometric, M83 you and the night, silver dragon
Prompt: Surrealism digital art of Anunnaki and Gilgamesh, cosmic space setting, futuristic starship with ancient architecture, Atlantis-inspired underwater city, high-tech stargate portal, surreal color palette, dreamlike lighting, detailed cosmic technology, surrealistic depiction, advanced space civilization, ancient mythology, highres, surrealism, cosmic space, futuristic, surreal color palette, dreamlike lighting, detailed technology, ancient architecture, surrealistic, advanced civilization
Prompt: retro sci-fi dark fantasy landscape