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Set free the fire in your heart, mother earth. Take us back to the start
Set free the fire in your heart, mother earth.... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2134327422
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Prompt: earth being exploded, 4k quality, hd camera
Prompt: fire and air vs water and earth
Prompt: Purpose of GOD to humanity in the Earth!
Prompt: full color julia clusters fractal in voronoi background, Phoenix rising from the ashes as an abstract art piece, holding the sun so bright in its claws highly-detailed, elegant, dramatic lighting, lifelike, photorealistic full body.
Prompt: rainbow earth with aliens becoming earthlings
Prompt: earth globe from space burning
Prompt: fire and air and water and earth, dark and light,
Prompt:  beautiful creation
Prompt: Rebirth of the universe
Prompt: the earth on fire from a massive explosion from a demon rising from hell
Prompt: dimethyltryptamine, earth mother
Prompt: Earth zom out, hd, 4k, real, highly detail,highly detail graphic,
Prompt: The world exploding
Prompt: the earth on fire
Prompt: parallel world
Prompt: earth globe from space burning in flames
Prompt: Earth being created
Prompt: fire and air vs water and earth, dark and light
Prompt: Detailed 3D Blue Lightening with Storm clouds inside a glowing sphere, intricate details, hyperdetailed, hyperrealistic,  HD, CG, Night sky
Prompt: planet exploding
Prompt:  beautiful creation
Prompt: An infinite, mystical sky staircase that you enter just at the beginning.
Prompt: Create a breathtaking artwork depicting a grand and epic war between heaven and earth, inspired by the mystical and realistic styles of Leonardo da Vinci. The composition should be set against a celestial backdrop, with swirling clouds, stars, and rays of divine light illuminating the scene. The heavenly forces, led by angelic beings, should be portrayed with grace and power, clad in intricate armor and wielding celestial weapons. Their wings should be beautifully detailed, capturing the essence of flight and celestial might.

On the earthly side, depict an array of mortal warriors, representing diverse cultures and armed with earthly weapons. Show their determination and valor as they defend their land against the celestial onslaught. Incorporate realistic details, such as armor, weapons, and expressions that convey the intensity and emotions of war.

Merge the mystical and realistic elements by incorporating Da Vinci's characteristic attention to anatomy, proportion, and intricate details. Add subtle touches of his visionary inventions or symbols to infuse the artwork with his unique style.

The overall composition should exude a sense of awe and majesty, capturing the magnitude and intensity of this celestial conflict while reflecting the brilliance and visionary spirit of Leonardo da Vinci's work.
Prompt: earth with 2 rainbow colored moons and a purple ocean
Prompt: Last picture in earth
Prompt: Phobos- a deity god or entity associated with fear and panic, Deimos - god or entity  of dread and terror, two brothers, horror vibes, dark, holo background,  detailed