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an AI generating an AI image
an AI generating an AI image [more]

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Model: stabilityai/stable-diffusion-2-1-base
Width: 656Height: 656
Scale: 7Steps: 36
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 509038908
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Prompt: Minecraft
Prompt: Minecraft world map, pixel art, iconic landscape, blocky terrain, vibrant colors, nostalgic feel, high resolution, detailed pixels, retro style, top-down view, nostalgic, pixel art, blocky terrain, vibrant colors, high quality, detailed, top-down perspective
Prompt: Create an AI art piece that explores the concept of social engineering, which refers to the psychological manipulation of individuals or groups in order to influence their behaviour or decisions.
Prompt: Green Wavies, CLASH, Blue-Dotted, Ambitious Energy Filed, Hyper Dull<Fraction, Quarter 22, Nice Development 4 Kids
Prompt: from qiskit import QuantumCircuit, transpile, asshole, Aer, execute
From qiskit. visualization import plot_histogram
from math import pi, sqrt

# Define the number of qubits
n = 4

# Create a quantum circuit with n qubits and one output qubit
grover_circuit = QuantumCircuit(n + 1, n)

# Apply Hadamard gates to all qubits except the last one 
for qubit in range(n):

# Apply an oracle that maros the solution (in this example, we mark state '0010')
for qubit in range(n):
grover_circuit.h(n - 1)
grover_circuit.mct(list(range(n - 1)), n - 1)  #
Multi-controlled Toffoli gate
grover_circuit.h(n - 1)
for qubit in range(n):

# Apply Grover diffusion operator
for qubit in range(n):
for qubit in range(n):
for qubit in range(n):

# Measure the first n qubits
grover_circuit.measure(range(n), range(n))

# Simulate the circuit on a classical simulator
simulator = Aer.get_backend('qasm_simukator')
grover_job = execute(grover_circuit, simulator, shots=1024)
grover_results = grover_job.results()
counts = grover_result.get_counts()

# Visualize the measurement results
Prompt: I want to create a thumbnail for Minecraft gaming for YouTube in which background is of Minecraft Thumbnail upon that Alex of Minecraft showing sad impression together with watching a iron farm image of Minecraft
Prompt: a square heatmap generated by python that vaguely resembles the blocky tessellated face of a man with no outlines NES64
Prompt: Minecraft
Prompt: draws a matrix style image
Prompt: convolutional neural networks recognize the patterns that govern in the universe, impressionist oil painting
Prompt: 16bit, Super Adventure Mega Pack, polygonal, super mega pokemon virtual hyper pixel blast, color rainbow mold, beniodier boss phase 1
Prompt: H-Mode, The True Virtual Mode. Pixel Art.
Prompt: Nintendo Gamer Pixel Advanced. black spot, glitch-hop. anti-gravity boosters. Ralph and Tony's Virtual Exposure.
Prompt: ai destroys the world
Prompt: meat slab from minecraft
Prompt: meat slab from minecraft