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Chanty TD

Chanty TD


Digital cat sipping coffee, hunched down, cabin interior, window view, cozy atmosphere, coffee mug, warm lighting, detailed fur, high quality, digital art, cozy, indoor scene, relaxed, warm tones, coffee break, cute, professional
Digital cat sipping coffee, hunched down, cabin interior, window view, cozy atmosphere, coffee mu... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 220059821

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Prompt:  cute fluffy red cartoon cat sits on the windowsill next to a cup of coffee, a bouquet of flowers in a vase, the cat drinks coffee, a smiling cat, a cute beautiful cat, a cat drinks tea, a happy cat, a cool cat, fantasy beautiful 3 D drawing
Prompt: Surrealist oil painting of a cat relaxing in a hot tub with steam rising, white mug on a table next to the hot tub, sunset overlooking the mountains, dreamy and surreal atmosphere, high quality, oil painting, detailed fur, steamy setting, mountains at sunset, surrealism, dreamy tones, atmospheric lighting, detailed reflections
Prompt: Fantasy illustration of a grey and white cat sitting on a kitchen table, milk and cookies on the table, warm amosphere
Prompt: Realistic digital painting of a serene cat sitting with humans, warm color tones, soft natural lighting, detailed fur with warm highlights, relaxed atmosphere, high quality, realistic, interaction, serene, detailed fur, warm lighting, peaceful, companionship
Prompt: Realistic digital painting of a contented cat, holding a steaming cup of coffee, warm and cozy atmosphere, detailed fur with lifelike texture, realistic coffee steam, focused expression, cozy setting, natural lighting, high quality, realistic, warm tones, detailed fur, coffee cup, cozy atmosphere
Prompt: Fat cat gaming on computer, digital illustration, cozy home setting, detailed fur with warm tones, focused expression, comfortable and relaxed vibe, high quality, digital illustration, warm tones, cozy lighting, gaming setup
Prompt: a cat wearing a hat and scarf holding a cup of coffee in its hands and a scarf around its neck, Carlos Catasse, furry art, winter, a character portrait
Prompt: A  Digital Cat Hunched down sipping coffee out of a mug in front of a window inside of a cabin