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beautiful clear cappuccino
beautiful clear cappuccino [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Made by: AI QR code
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 20
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 1886468612
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Prompt: Tea,coffee fast food
Prompt: Espresso Machine
Prompt: A table setting, fine dining experience, with full glasses of red wine. The table and experience is almost clinical. White table cloth, polished silver cutlery, wrapped in pristine white napkins, a circular table, in a dark room, lit by red lights
Prompt: The perfect iced coffee
Prompt: film camera
Prompt: (masterpiece), (anime style), shot from above, award winning, extreme close-up shot, centered, focused shot, Instagram able, a cup of hot coffee, cafe interior, dynamic lighting, depth of field, ultra detailed, (epic composition, epic proportion), 2D illustration, panoramic, professional work, Makoto Shinkai,
Prompt: An coffee machine full of multicolored  circuitry glowing in the darkness

, a stunning <mymodel> masterpiece
Prompt: Coffee beans laying on top of a classy delicate table, delicate style, wood undertones, dark brown coffee beans
Prompt: A serene and subtle nature scene in earth tones
Prompt: delicate chai-colored boba tea with tapioca pearls, background with soft colors of busy city, no empty space
Prompt: Dosa Dips
Prompt: Afro beats coffee
Prompt: Cup of Tea where cup is vertically placed and Tea over flowing from the cup
Prompt: pouring coffee into cup
Prompt: iced coffee
Prompt: zen garden
Prompt: a mug of icy cold beer on a beach
Prompt: a cup of coffee
Prompt: Futuristic coffee
Prompt: A hyperdetailed photo of a beautiful and clean landscape with detailed clouds and sun rays in the style of RPGCharacter and Ghibli Studio and Ufotable and Kyoto Animation and A-1 Pictures and Kadokawa and Aniplex and Charlie Bowater and Atey Ghailan, colorful anime art without text, vibrant and vivid and saturated colors creating lush and detailed worlds with beautiful art trending on ArtStation 16k PBR HQ hyperrealist photorealistic lighting and volumetric hard shadows