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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 1024Height: 1024
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Prompt: Seven cats Mexican food guy with oxygen tank mad about cigarettes death by decapitation Billy smokes weed and says racial slurs bombs going off in heaven Jesus weeps green tears my mom knits garden homes.
Prompt: A World That Never Was
Prompt: Cyberpunk city anime realistic crowded with people and robots 20k
Prompt: harvest moon, festival of the lottery, the shadow eole, run away with me lucille in my merry oldsmobile: in the style of Keswtutis Kasparavicius, Brian Kesinger, naive art
Prompt: 19
Prompt: dark surreal horror story staring the garbage pail kids
Prompt: <mymodel>
Prompt: lofi header cover cozy
Prompt: photo of a line of men kneeling to commit seppuku in a anime science fiction aesthetic
Prompt: an illustration of the outlines of two people arguing in an outdoor setting with thick fog and morning sunshine
Prompt: A retrofuturistic canvas that shows lots of people in a park wearing futuristic VR
Prompt: Anime
Prompt: concept art design of a cozy terraza near the sea artstation sketch by demizu posuka close up warm colors
Prompt: Harmony Amidst Chaos
Prompt: Heaven, Hell, Enclosed spaces, open spaces, people, no people, populated, unpopulated, underground, above ground, degeneration, regeneration, tall landscapes, blue gray atmosphere, clouds, outdoors, cramped city floating in the void, light amount of color
Prompt: Recreate a Where's Waldo image where everyone is in a large prison yard and everyone is wearing orange jumpsuits.  Do not include the traditional red and white waldo costume.  Add Donald Trump's face to Waldo.  Color Donald Trump's face orange like the jumpsuits.