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Samurai [more]
Made by: Sketch to image
Subject Description: Samurai
Style: Anime
Color Theme: Grey
Width: 512Height: 704
Seed: 540369676

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Prompt: A red and black color themed samurai with a oni mask and two swords with skulls
Prompt: Jamess dashner style cyber samurai for book cover
Prompt: The knight avenger spread his arms wide in search of body enhancement magic and held up a large sword with a very long sword blade, ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), ((anime boy)), ((dramatic lighting)), ((horror atmosphere)), ((digital painting)), ((vibrant color scheme)), ((computer graphics)), ((8K resolution))
Prompt: As the hero stood in front of the black dragon, his silver armor glistened in the dim light of the cavern. The dragon's eyes glowed a fiery red as it prepared to spit flames at the warrior. Stalactites and stalagmites jutted out from the rocky walls, casting eerie shadows across the scene.

In the center of the image, the hero gripped his spear tightly, ready to defend himself against the monstrous beast. His long silver hair flowed behind him, as if blown by an invisible wind. The dragon, looming over the hero, spread its wings wide, preparing to unleash its fury.

The cavern itself was vast and expansive, with the faint glow of sunlight entering through a hole in the ceiling, casting a warm, golden light on the hero's back. The dragon's scales shone in the light, reflecting a rainbow of colors.

The hero's expression was one of steely determination, ready to face whatever the dragon had in store for him. The dragon, on the other hand, looked like a force of nature, a terrifying and unstoppable force.

As the two faced off, it was clear that this would be a battle for the ages, a fight that would be remembered for generations to come.
Prompt: Big Giant robot,futuristic,Gundam,animal model robot,highly detailed,ultra-fine detailed,face robot detailed,masterpiece,epic,64k,Yoshiyuki Tomino,jungle,rainy,afternoon,perfect composition,cinematic lighting,
Prompt: red black and white
Prompt: Big Giant robot,futuristic,flying bird model,highly detailed,ultra-fine detailed,face robot detailed,masterpiece,epic,64k,Yoshiyuki Tomino,sky,fly,snowy,perfect composition,cinematic lighting,
Prompt: An animal that has been cybernetics enhanced
Prompt: UHD,164K, Robot With Blood element and Blood Sword
Prompt: (mega detailed) (4x+anime) Dark demon god standing, 10 feet tall, (red armor) (Black lightning blot imprint) black lightning skies. large sword in his hand, burning city behind blood sweats from face as he turns to see he is facing Jesus Christ
Prompt: UHD, hd , 8k, , hyper realism, Very detailed, zoomed out view, standing,a male character with a white capus armor that you can't see his face just a red glow where his eye is and the right glove of his armor has a reddish color with fire coming out of it