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serigala kurus

serigala kurus


a young couple in 1970 who were happily enjoying a sunny afternoon in the Mont Blanc mountains
a young couple in 1970 who were happily enjoyin... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 217977623
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Prompt: light pink blazer American woman and blue blazer American men 1990
Prompt: A doctor in labcoat and a girl both on skis on a mountain, lots of snow on the ground and it is snowing. Tall mountains are seen in the background. Dreamy surrealist images.
Prompt: Create a 1980s style picture of two men posing for the camera in
Grand Teton without their shirt on with big muscles
Prompt: A perfect sunrises between the snowy mountains  which is near to the ocean where the snow covered with roses where boy proposing beautiful girl with roses
Prompt: a happy couple before a train, a photograph from 1970's
Prompt: Roger Federer erklimmt den Mount Everest.