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Edward Rosenthal

Edward Rosenthal


All chrome & metallic copper bronze brushed steel colors, full body steampunk mantis-humanoid cyborg advanced. intricate details, HDR, beautifully shot, hyperrealistic, sharp focus, 64 megapixels, highly detailed mech mecha mechanical gears, cogs, pistons, gauges perfect composition, high contrast, cinematic, atmospheric, moody Professional photography, bokeh, natural lighting, canon lens, shot on dslr 64 megapixels sharp focus
All chrome & metallic copper bronze brushed steel colors, full body steampunk mantis-humanoid cyb... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 26Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1129868137

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Prompt: Des plans techniques pour cette machine de combat : 1. Le corps est compose de plaques rivetees pour offrir une protection maximale. 2. La tete est disproportionnee par rapport au corps pour offrir une plus grande capacite de vue et de perception. 3. Les yeux globuleux et injectes de sang sont une reference aux yeux de la Mythologie Grecque. 4. La bouche est grande et garnie de dents acerees pour offrir une plus grande destructiveit. 5. Les griffes puissantes ou les armes integrees sont une reference aux machines de guerre des temps anciens.<mymodel>
Prompt: Create a futuristic portrait of an advanced humanoid robot. The robot is adorned with a complex network of silver and gold wires forming an intricate circuitry pattern across the head and neck, resembling a high-tech crown. These wires should be set against the robot's smooth, matte black skin. The robot's eyes are a deep, glowing blue, with a sharp gaze that exudes intelligence and depth. The background is a subtle gradient from dark to light grey, focusing all attention on the robot, which is a blend of elegance, power, and advanced technology. The artwork should have a hyper-realistic quality, with a balance of shadow and light that highlights the textures and materials, making it appear tangible.
Prompt: the head and shoulders of a metallic man, in the style of futurism influence, 8k 3d, stripes and shapes, machine aesthetics, exaggerated facial features, captivating gaze, idealized beauty in wide ratio
Prompt: A futuristic humanoid robot with a glossy black exterior is adorned with intricate orange lighting and details. Its head features an illuminating blue eye, resembling a high-tech visor, and its body glistens with mechanical intricacies set against a dimly lit backdrop.
Prompt: A polished, metallic android with a gleaming surface stands illuminated. Its intense blue eyes radiate an otherworldly glow, set against a backdrop of vertical digital rain patterns reminiscent of coded data streams.
Prompt: high end robot --ar 16:9 --style raw --cref