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Jodi Evans

Jodi Evans


A little girl cartoon with a bunny
A little girl cartoon with a bunny [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 299629432

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Prompt: A girl who is kind and likes flowers. She is a queen and has an authoritative look in her eye but a polite smile, she is wearing a flower tiara, 64k.
Prompt: an aldult with Pigtails soft brown wavy hair, soft brown eyes with red untertone, realistic, digital art, 64k
Prompt: Arielle is a 8 years old girl. She is asian and have got black hair. She is a little chubby and always wear dresses. She is in an enchanted forest looking for a magic flower.
Prompt: Disney, Pixar art style, CGI, Girl with small round chubby face, dark brown almound shaped eyes, extremely pale face, Short very dark brown hair
Prompt: Cute and adorable cartoon, surrealism, super cute, trending on artstation, Toys 3D, kawaii, girl
Prompt: Disney Pixar style Bad Bunny, highly detailed, intricate, big eyes, adorable, beautiful, soft dramatic lighting, light shafts, radiant, ultra high-quality octane render, daytime forest background, field of flowers,  bokeh, hypermaximalist
Prompt: Detailed realistic digital portrait of a young girl,  long light brown hair holding a bouquet of flowers
Prompt: cartoon girl with friends at a garden
Prompt: an aldult with Pigtails soft brown wavy hair, soft brown eyes with red untertone, digital art, 64k
Prompt: beautiful child, innocent little girl, big eyes full of life, silver hair girl
Prompt: Hyper-realistic 64k 3D rendering of a chubby, beautiful little girl with rosy cheeks running in a colorful garden, close-up view, ultra HD, hyper-realism, vibrant garden background, cinematic photography, detailed chubby cheeks, 8D, high-speed motion, vibrant colors, natural lighting
Prompt: Era una bella giornata di fine primavera quando Andrea, amante della natura e pieno di curiosità, ricevette un piccolo semino di nasturzio dalla sua cara nonna.
Prompt: Describe a narrative scene with a little girl 9 years old with pigtails, overalls, butterfly tee-shirt holding a butterfly net looking up at several monarch butterflies in a beautiful wildflower field full of common pink milkweed as a construction crew in bulldozer ripping our swaths of soil and flowers making a trail of destruction headed in her direction.
Prompt: Illustrate a young girl with pigtails tied with floral bows, sitting down surrounded by roses. The girl is wearing a pink top and denim dungarees, and her shoes are artistically messy. She has big green eyes with long lashes, thin eyebrows, rosy cheek.
Prompt: A cartoon of small girl with long hair looks smart
Prompt: little Girl sitting on the grass in the Forrest
Prompt: little girl with long hair talking to birds and bugs
Prompt: Lily, wide-eyed with excitement, peers through the foliage, her hand reaching out to push aside the vines and reveal the hidden entrance.
Prompt: cute sad little girl with a cat , high quality, unreal engine
Prompt: Happy forest cartoon illustration of a bunny, heart-shaped drops, vibrant and warm color palette, 3D rendering, joyful expression, lush foliage, cute and whimsical, high quality, heartwarming, detailed fur, cartoon style, vibrant colors, whimsical lighting, pompon tail, white fur cotton like