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Daedra Slayer in the depths Oblivion they hunt Daedric creatures, background coldharbour, in 2D illustration Style art style
Daedra Slayer in the depths Oblivion they hunt... [more]
Model: Juggernaut XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 1937308304
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Prompt: warrior, leather armor, man, male, weak, scrawny, slim build, green, greed, envy, magic weapon, unique weapon, fantasy art style, hi res, wild forrest background, fantasy, highres, detailed, atmospheric, fantasy art
Prompt: Elden Ring knight, fearsome, tarnished, rotting dungeon setting
Prompt: goliath pretty face male eldritch knight long hair
Prompt: Purple knight, eldritch being, tentacles, lovecraft, greg rutkowski, vibrant colors, full hd, high quality, 4k, trending on artstation, oil painting, symmetrical, intricate, highly detailed,  in the style of Jordan Grimmer, deviantart, gouache, hyperrealism, lens flare, flickering light, aetherpunk, deep color" trending on artstation, in the style of Artgerm, Arthur Suydam, Alex Maleev, Shintaro Kago, Gil Elvgren, Greg rutkowski, dark color palette, amazing shading, masterpiece, 4k, intricate detail illustration, painting, drawing, art, sketch
Prompt: Drakulith's appearance is marked by the corruption of dark magic. His once-elfin features are twisted and distorted, with piercing red eyes that glow with an unnatural intensity.
Prompt: Full body splash art of a male priest of the goddess of pain, sadism and torture, handsome, androgynous, feminine, charming, flirty, elegant, scars and wounds on body, blood, nine-tailed whip, highly detailed, intricate, smooth, sharp focus, artstation, digital painting, concept art, art by greg rutkowski, alphonse mucha and John William Waterhouse, D&D, fantasy
Prompt: cedric gaan the demon warlord of darkness
Prompt: Nazgûl Mindflayer Prince
Prompt: A male warrior at night in intricate black colored armor in the art style of diablo with clearly defined features and weapons
Prompt: goliath beautiful male eldritch knight
Prompt: The sword of the Phoenix weilded by a white Dragonborn, the sword shines bright red in stark contrast to the white of the Dragonborn's skin.
Prompt: Fantasy death knight webbed and spiky armor standing in dead forest rendered in dark and gritty 1980s art style
Prompt: Rotted ancient warrior, dark fantasy style, decayed armor and weaponry, eerie atmosphere, high quality, detailed, dark fantasy, ancient, decayed, intense lighting, ominous shadows, weathered and worn, haunting, intimidating presence, sinister color tones, dramatic, professional
Prompt: Dark fantasy king, corrupted by years of moral decay
Prompt: Shadowlender
Prompt: Art Prompt: "Abysswalker Darkrider"

Create a striking visual representation of "Abysswalker Darkrider," a character shrouded in mystery, on a quest for self-discovery amidst a futuristic and spacefaring world. Emphasize the following elements in your artwork:

Character Appearance: Depict Abysswalker Darkrider as a formidable and enigmatic figure. Their attire should reflect a blend of futuristic, outlaw-like elements, and a sense of otherworldly style.

Mysterious Aura: Convey an aura of darkness and mystique surrounding the character. Use lighting and shading techniques to create an atmosphere of cosmic intrigue.

Cosmic Setting: Set the scene in a futuristic, space-themed environment. The backdrop should feature celestial elements, stars, and cosmic vistas to enhance the character's connection to the vastness of space.

Character Expression: Capture the moment when Abysswalker Darkrider is deep in thought, contemplating their true nature as they embark on their journey of self-discovery. Their expression should convey a mix of determination, curiosity, and a hint of inner conflict.

Symbolism: Incorporate symbolic elements that represent the character's struggle with their identity, such as a mirror reflecting their true self or an abyss symbolizing the depths of self-discovery.

Dynamic Pose: Pose the character in a dynamic and evocative stance, suggesting movement and readiness for adventure. This should reflect their role as an outlaw exploring the cosmos.
Prompt: Berserker, Rage, Black Armor, glowing red eyes, walking towards viewer, fire background, dark crimson forest
Prompt: Boethiah appeared before them terrible and resplendent arrayed in ebony darker than a moonless night wielding a blade burning hot, in Phyrexian Horror art style
Prompt: eldritch ronin holding muramasa, terrifying, dark red and teal tones, intimidating, trending on artstation, standing in the surf of the beach, digital painting, night, Dark art, intricately detailed, octane render, other wordly, action shot, 40mm lens, intricate detail, book cover, dark fantasy concept art, 8k, deviantart, cinematic lighting, dramatic lighting.
Prompt: The Bloodbane Berserker
Prompt: handsome diablo-inspired necromancer in black armor with long white hair which is orange at the roots, wielding an elegant scythe, walking in a misty snowy forest, not evil just mysterious
Prompt: goliath pretty male eldritch knight no face covering
Prompt: Deep in the banished cells a evil Kinlord is on a rampage and needs to b be banished for good , in Illustration art style
Prompt: The Bloodbane Berserker
Prompt: creepy Elf with weird elongated limbs, in black armor holding sabres with serrated blades, frank frazetta, by Greg Rutkowski, trending on Artstation, artgem, highly detailed small pieces, 8k