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Multiple Screens infront of a man wearing hoodie wirh a dark background
Multiple Screens infront of a man wearing hoodi... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 550531484
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Prompt: one person sitting in front of a computer electronic and hacker like environment
research and development lab casual cyberpunk colors.
Prompt: The first photo showcases a YouTuber sitting at their desk with a laptop open, immersed in using TubeBuddy. The vibrant and dynamic interface of the tool is displayed on the screen, highlighting its powerful features. The YouTuber wears a focused expression, demonstrating their dedication to optimizing their content. The photo captures the essence of TubeBuddy as an invaluable companion, supporting creators in their YouTube journey.
Prompt: The cyber room of the stock market man with the best view
Prompt: computer and language
Prompt: friends watching tv
Prompt: Capture the essence of navigating the vast world of video and audio content with your camera. Visualize the challenges of discoverability, audience targeting, and impact measurement through a thought-provoking image. In the golden hour of the day, show two digital computers one: making sure that computer is displaying a playing video in it and other displaying a playing audio content in it  with a wide-angle lens to make expansive landscape . Embrace a documentary-style of photography to portray the realism of the situation. Opt for a digital film format to enhance the clarity and details in your visual. Aim for a high level of realism, reflecting the maze-like nature of the digital content world. Compose your shot using the 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing for a wide perspective. Engage manual shooting mode to have full control over the exposure, focusing on ISO 200, f/8 aperture, and a shutter speed of 1/60. Once you've captured the image, apply post-processing techniques such as color grading, noise reduction, and sharpening to enhance the visual impact. Let your photograph convey the challenges and opportunities in navigating the world of video and audio content, leading the viewer on a visual journey through the maze towards success.
Prompt: “a werewolves, ring security camera footage, CCTV, wide angle lens”
Prompt: the man is playing on the computer
Prompt: 3D image of a financial trader in front of his PC
Prompt: Man using computer and programming to break code. Cyber security threat
Prompt: A man sleeping in a bed in a bedroom with walls of computer monitors.
Prompt: a nerd guy who is writting code in a dark mode ultra wide monitor
Prompt: Epic gamer design.
Prompt: a cyberpunk style of a  young guy playing video games on his monitor,
Prompt: a man coding in a neon city
Prompt: Ai
Prompt: Gaming Hardware Showcase: Display a sleek, organized setup with gaming consoles, high-end PCs, gaming chairs, and peripherals neatly arranged within the dome.
Prompt: one person sitting in front of a computer electronic and hacker like environment
research and development lab casual cyberpunk colors.
Prompt: A person playing game in a room with ten computers
Prompt: A quiet person sits in a comfortable living room, fully centered in front of a computer screen. He seems to be busy with AI technology and interacts with it with deep focus.You see on his face the focus and complete integration into the virtual world available to him. Scans screen with focused gaze, explores and analyzes data and information displayed. Artificial intelligence is used to quickly and accurately analyze complex models, forecasts, and data that humans cannot process.A person's creativity and strategic thinking is shown in the way they interact with AI. He may be using AI to analyze data to guide his business decisions or to find innovative solutions to complex problems.While the person enjoys the calmness and tranquility around him, he exchanges benefits with artificial intelligence and uses its superior capabilities to enhance his knowledge and understanding of various topics. Its interaction with artificial intelligence is a bridge between the world of advanced technolog
Prompt: Mulher sentada em uma mesa com dois monitores de computador e uma xícara de café, 8K Pós - Produção, pós-produção 8k, 8 k pós-produção, 8k pós-produção, pós-produção, pós-produção, pós-produção, Classificado com davinci resolve, 8 K UHD Pós - Produção, gradação de cores, Colorgrading, pós-produção, profissionalmente colorido
Prompt: Woman wearing VR headset with a business crowd looking on while showing the VR view on a large monitor
Prompt: cyberpunk, woman trading crypto, looking at a screen, symmetrical face, human, ultra real
Prompt: AI helping a youtuber to create a video thumbnail
Prompt: A person playing game in a room with ten computers
Prompt: Dark room with just a computer
Prompt: i just started school and iam teking this class multimedia system, and my first lab is 
search the internet and answer these 4 questions, which means 
1. what is multimedia system
2. what is software system
3. what is hardware system 
and create it in the photoshop with design. so do me favor give me background pictures
Prompt: Gamer developing a game sitting on a gaming chair in a gaming room