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Dystopian India Urban architecture, cyberpunk style
Dystopian India Urban architecture, cyberpunk s... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 737882125
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Prompt: solo female rogue wanderer, cute face, pretty, beautiful, smile, long hair, freckles, green eyes, medium bossom, wide hips, multilayered  worn outfit, intricate armour, grey ragged cloak, wool scarf, lowered hood, belts and pouches, potions, tools and backpack, old apocalyptic city wasteland overgrown by oppressive huge forest, vines, plants and roots growing, cracking through walls, , 3d render,  high detail,
Prompt: City, Dystopian, 1910 Boston, depressing, Brutalism, by Craig Mullins, cinematic lighting, concept art, trending on artstation, HD, 40k, UHD
Prompt: concept art, sweeping landscapes views,Dense industrial landscape, dark shadowy alleyways, covered in armor troops.
Prompt: A <mymodel> concept environment art landscape of 

the threatening sinister smoggy plaza

with a towering monolith ark

full of multicolored circuitry carvings 

shedding flaring volumetric light shafts throughout the darkness of

a gloomy wasteland metropolis engulfed by a rainstorm

, a stunning John Avon masterpiece in post-apocalyptic sci-fi dieselpunk artstyle by Anders Zorn and Joseph Christian Leyendecker 

, neat and clear tangents full of negative space 

, ominous dramatic lighting with detailed shadows and highlights enhancing depth of perspective and 3D volumetric drawing

, colorful vibrant painting in HDR with shiny shimmering reflections
Prompt: extremely realistic, hyperdetailed, cyborg factory, machines building machines, organic, hazardous chemicals, fire, electrical sparks, high definition, ultra realistic,8K, digital art
Prompt: a African cyberpunk city,  concept art, orientalist, full body, dynamic, pose,  insane detail, detailed, worn, cinematic, hyper realism, realistic proportions, dramatic lighting, high detail 4 k, artstation
Prompt: Nuclear wasteland, human clone factory, fighting for survival, time is running out, hyper detailed, photorealistic, spaceship, cyberpunk, mech, firing missiles
Prompt: photorealistic color image of 1970s science fiction Dark Souls concept art of abandoned cyberpunk underground city by, Bruegel, and Giger
Prompt: high detail dark city  cyberpunk scenery background
Prompt: vision of a dystopian and depressive city.
the vision is from the perspective of a poor person, in the midst of the dystopian social inequality of the city
Prompt: Nuclear wasteland, human clone factory, fighting for survival, time is running out, hyper detailed, photorealistic, spaceship, cyberpunk, mech, firing missiles
Prompt: Post apocalyptic town with futuristic tech
Prompt: Destroyed city with sign saying welcome to raccoon city
Prompt: Urban landscapes after the fall of the earth, urban landscapes from high-rise views, broken bridges, high density, gray sunsets and nights, realistic and cinematic lighting such as photographs, ultra-detail and deep colors, James Chatterton, Mihau Cartz, Dino Tommy, Emmanuel Shu, Luannua and John Bucky's concept art,
Prompt: full page scan of 1400s detailed concept art, cyberpunk, mathematics and geometry, architecture, urban section, post apocalyptic, desaturated, 8K matte, good lighting, concept in the style of blame! manga
Prompt: A detailed matte painting  A group of wolf like people walking down a street next to a building. They meet with peaceful visitors from a utopian planet. Ukiyo
Prompt: corner street shop concept art artstation ian mcque sketch
Prompt: post apocalyptic urban landscape in india. circular.
Prompt: Cyberpunk Pakistan war-torn city being taken over by nature
Prompt: Enormous brutalist building blasted, photorealism, rubble, destruction, detailed cracks, realistic textures, high definition, dramatic lighting, urban decay, large-scale, gritty realism, architectural details, intense shadows, atmospheric perspective
Prompt: (low angle:1.2), an apocalyptic city where nature has taken back the concrete jungle , deep colour\'s, realistic, hyperrealistic, concept art, unreal engine 5, trending on art station
Prompt: concept art, sophisticated details, professional sinister concept art, by artgerm and greg rutkowski,realistic, vivid colors, highly detailed,extremely detailed octane rendering on artstation, 8k art photography, photorealistic concept art, soft and natural volumetric cinema with perfect light medium popular
Prompt: future dystopian mega construction, mech, sunset, light fog, sun ray
Prompt: Cyberpunk war background