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In a fully occupied wide frame, a 3D rendered lifelike face, detailed with digital engravings, surfaces amidst a realm of gleaming chrome lines and interconnected circuits. The face's radiant blue eyes shine brilliantly, evoking the union of human sentiment and the digital domain.
In a fully occupied wide frame, a 3D rendered l... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: Digital art illustration of a circuitry woman with a blend of the styles mentioned, focusing on shiny, almost luminescent eyes. The close-up image showcases the detailed circuit patterns and the surreal atmosphere around her.
Prompt: Artificial intelligence is human.
Prompt: the image is showcasing a cyber robot on motion and light, in the style of strong facial expression, airbrush art, silver and black, fashwave, superheroes, captivating gaze, datamosh
Prompt: <mymodel>Futuristic sci-fi illustration of a humanoid robot, metallic sheen with reflections, glowing neon accents, advanced futuristic cityscape, intricate mechanical details, high-tech exoskeleton, intense and focused gaze, 4k, ultra-detailed, sci-fi, futuristic, metallic sheen, glowing neon, advanced cityscape, mechanical details, high-tech, intense gaze, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: A vertically framed image captures the essence of a state-of-the-art android, its head and neck laden with mechanical intricacies. The lustrous facade of its face is starkly set against a backdrop reminiscent of a cybernetic city. As segments of its skin peel off, the inner workings of circuits and devices are revealed, all the while its eyes retaining a tranquil, humanoid expression.
Prompt: Photo of a state-of-the-art android, presenting its exceptional craftsmanship and futuristic design. The android's face reflects a harmony of mechanics and artistry. Behind the android, the background bursts with vivid color blocks, juxtaposing the cool tones of the android's chassis.
Prompt: A captivating face, seemingly a blend of human and machine, emerges from a labyrinth of intricate metallic circuits and pipes. The face has striking eyes, cool-toned skin, and elements resembling both organic curves and engineered components.
Prompt: The image presents a close-up of a highly detailed female android's face, illuminated in a soft blue hue. Intricate circuitry and metallic components form her features, with captivating, almost human-like eyes and shimmering metallic lips. in wide ratio
Prompt: A photographic session of the face of a robot containing simple details, somewhat frightening, with luminous eyes, black and white in color, made of plastic and aluminum with uncomplicated details, showing from the side the shape of its simple mechanical brain and its electronic circuits.
Prompt: artificial intellect with soul,  rescuing humankind
Prompt: The image depicts a detailed, futuristic face that merges organic and mechanical elements. The eyes are strikingly lifelike, set against a backdrop of intricate circuitry and metallic components. The overall design seamlessly intertwines the human and technological realms.
Prompt: Delving deeper into the concept, a captivating face with a blend of African human features and mechanical components surfaces from a maze of gleaming circuits and conduits. The eyes are even more pronounced, with the cool-toned skin juxtaposed against a mix of organic curves and intricate machinery.
Prompt: Design an image to resemble a raw photograph of a humanoid robot, blending futuristic and realistic elements. The robot has a detailed face with features that transition from a golden to a chrome finish. The eyes should be asymmetrical: one eye emits a bright orange glow with a hexagonal pupil, the other is a calm blue. The face is adorned with complex, luminous circuit patterns in black and orange that merge with sleek metallic strips in silver, with dark blue and orange highlights. The patterns look tactile and intricate, suggesting advanced technology. The visor is integrated, looking like part of the robot's face. The background mimics an out-of-focus photograph with vertical light streaks, and warm amber and brown tones give a sense of depth, as if taken in a studio with professional lighting, to enhance the 'raw photo' appearance.
Prompt: Art piece of a woman with Caucasian descent, her refined cybernetic face accentuated with bright orange eyes, against a deep black canvas featuring sparkling tech circuits. The metal-clad face melds impeccably with the digital components, expressing an atmosphere of high-tech and mysticism.
Prompt: Illustration of a humanoid robot with a face shimmering in golden and metallic shades. The eyes, intricately detailed, exude life and emotion. The rest of the face is made of fragmented metal pieces.
Prompt: Create an image of a futuristic female figure with a highly detailed and ornate circuitry pattern across her face and body. The circuitry is composed of silver and gold, intricately designed to resemble both tribal markings and advanced technology. Her eyes are piercing, illuminated with a vibrant electric blue that stands out against her smooth, metallic skin, which reflects the surrounding light. She is set against a backdrop of deep space, with distant stars and nebulae adding to the otherworldly ambiance. Her expression is enigmatic, capturing a sense of wisdom beyond her years. The lighting is dramatic, with high contrast that accentuates the metallic sheen and the complexity of the circuitry.
Prompt: Macro photo focusing on the detailed features of a female android's face, emphasizing the intricate circuitry, metallic components, and the shimmer of her lips, all illuminated in a soft blue hue in wide format
Prompt: Exploring the concept, a Caucasian man's face emerges, where human features intermingle with mechanical components. His cool-toned complexion is juxtaposed against a background of detailed circuits and tubes. The eyes, both human and cybernetic, convey a myriad of emotions, symbolizing the convergence of biology and engineering.
Prompt: Photorealistic 3D render of a digitalized humanoid face intricately embedded with circuit patterns and maze-like designs. The face is juxtaposed with a black background featuring contrasting electronic circuits and glowing orange highlights.
Prompt: Photo of a state-of-the-art android, presenting its exceptional craftsmanship and futuristic design. The android's face reflects a harmony of mechanics and artistry. Behind the android, the background bursts with vivid color blocks, juxtaposing the cool tones of the android's chassis.
Prompt: circuit board background art, in the style of expressive facial features, daz3d, shiny eyes, classicist portraiture, dark white and teal, futuristic robots, mind-bending murals
Prompt: Design a hyper-realistic image of an advanced android with a face adorned in a complex, maze-like metallic pattern. This android is set against a background of sleek, vertical metallic lines that suggest a high-tech environment. The android's skin is reflective like polished chrome, and the maze pattern on its face is in high contrast, with deep blacks and shining silvers that create a mesmerizing effect. The eyes of the android are piercing, with a depth that seems almost human, adding to the allure of the image. The overall feel of the picture is one of sophistication, intelligence, and cutting-edge technology.
Prompt: facial portrait with bold black and white stripes, emitting holographic beams from eyes and mouth, located in a darkened futuristic chamber, ambiance of a high-tech command center, levitating three-dimensional puzzle designs, gleaming chrome surroundings mirroring the holographs, mesh of lights and reflections, face adorned with robotic gear and circuitry motifs, wide screen presentation
Prompt: 3D render of a cyberpunk-themed face, intricately designed with metallic elements in gold and azure hues. The background showcases fragmented advertising billboards, and the overall image emphasizes mechanized precision in a futuristic setting.
Prompt: a futuristic android face in a circuit concept, in the style of illusory hyperrealism, bold, black lines, neo-academism, scott adams, digital as manual, data visualization
Prompt: pixelated digital face of a young woman with black wires behind her head, in the style of organic sculpting, afrofuturism, dark silver and dark black, uhd image, meticulous detailing, robotic motifs, sculptural expression --ar 16:9 --style raw --sref --stylize 250 --v 6
Prompt: National security ai for cyber survellaince human ai