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Марина Малыхина

Марина Малыхина


gorgeous elegant attractive, woman in a hat with roses, beauty, beautiful fantasy portrait on the background of old yellowed letters,feminine image, 1800s, realistic, natural,rococo ecopunk, random arts, beautiful detailed oryx, high detail, medium plan, blooming lighting effect, dry watercolor, color sketch art,
gorgeous elegant attractive, woman in a hat with roses, beauty, beautiful fantasy portrait on the... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 2116603815

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Prompt: vintage frontal portrait of a beautiful woman in '30s hat, big peony flower covers her half face by Christian Schloe
Prompt: <mymodel>Elegant lady, oil painting, flowing gown, graceful posture, intricate lace details, high quality, realistic, vintage style, soft pastel tones, natural lighting
Prompt:  a medium quality digital painting of a (Portrait) woman in a (exquisite) satin dress combined baby blue + pink and color hat, surrounded by flowers, vintage style, bright colors, soft light, surrealism, back view, detailed, art, floral design, female portrait, close-up, colorful, digital art, 4k.
Prompt: a painting of a woman wearing a large hat, elegant oil painting, elegant and refined painting, romanticism painting, beautiful fantasy art portrait, , exquisite painting, beautiful portrait oil painting, style of laura sava, gorgeous painting, beautiful fantasy painting, stunning painting, beautiful oil painting on canvas, beautiful fantasy portrait, beautiful oil painting
Prompt: elegant woman , detailed beautiful face, dress with guipure insert, white hat lace insert and gloves, photorealistic elegance, realistic body and face features, high detail,naturally, high detail,middle close-up,bloom light effect, dry watercolor, color sketch art
Prompt: La Vie en Rose