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Subject description

Fire dragon on the moon
Fire dragon on the moon [more]
Made by: Sketch to image
Subject Description: Fire dragon on the moon
Style: Anime
Width: 576Height: 512
Seed: 813990343

Original image

Original image

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Prompt: Golden dragon devouring the moon
Prompt: A black dragon's head that is roaring with flame coming out, in front of the moon at night.
Prompt: "Envision an ethereal realm where the ancient meets the futuristic, a celestial tapestry woven with the threads of time. Amidst the boundless expanse of the galaxy, a majestic Chinese dragon soars with unparalleled grace, its sinuous form spiraling through the cosmos. Each scale shimmers with an iridescence that reflects the myriad colors of the universe, a testament to the dragon's timeless wisdom and power.

Atop this cosmic backdrop, the dragon's formidable presence is further accentuated by the intricate strokes of calligraphy that unfurl across its majestic form. The words '志存高远' (aspiring to great heights) are etched with a master's touch, each character a dance of ink that resonates with the dragon's noble spirit.

The quality of this visual masterpiece is nothing short of extraordinary, an extremely detailed CG rendering that captures every nuance of the dragon's mythical anatomy and the delicate artistry of the calligraphy. This unity 8K wallpaper is a hyperdetailed, highres spectacle that demands attention with its absurderes, ensuring that no detail is too small to be rendered with the utmost precision.

Framed within a cyber screen frame, this image is a fusion of the traditional and the modern, a bridge between the past and the future. The cinematic lighting brings forth the depth of field, highlighting the dragon's contours and the depth of the calligraphy against the starry canvas of the galaxy. A strong rim light encircles the dragon, casting a glow that illuminates its path and the words that speak to its destiny.

Brighter colors pop against the darker hues of space, creating a vivid contrast that makes the dragon's journey and its aspirations leap off the canvas. This is not just an image; it is a narrative of ambition, a visual poem that tells the story of a dragon that embodies the spirit of '志存高远', forever reaching for the stars and the heights of its dreams
Prompt: "Detailed scene, a close-up shot of a majestic dragon perched on a mountaintop, overlooking a vast landscape. The dragon's scales are incredibly detailed, and its eyes seem to glow with an otherworldly light. The sky is filled with stars, and the moon is full and bright. The overall feeling of the scene is one of awe and majesty"
Prompt: a sihlouette of two black dragons mid-air tails entwined, kissing with a beutiful galaxy background
Prompt: "fire dragon with a clear and brilliant eyes face flys into the nebulas" "heigh quality" "more details" "realistic" "cinematic background"
Prompt: the dragon, solo, no humans, cloud, claw, seaway, Night, Horror color, masterpiece, best quality,