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Violet Dark

Violet Dark


dark spooky house at night with an overgrown garden full of ghosts, style of Tyler Edlin
dark spooky house at night with an overgrown garden full of ghosts, style of Tyler Edlin [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1571557006

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Prompt: The Haunting of Hollow Manor
Prompt: Create an image of a old haunted ruined house, in a moonlit night with horror ambiance
Prompt: Warhammer-style eerie night scene, haunted building, mystical atmosphere, high quality, detailed architecture, fantasy, dark tones, eerie lighting, gothic, foggy ambiance, moonlit shadows, ominous presence, ancient ruins, mystical runes
Prompt: in the style of gray scale drawing, a haunted house with an old dying tree nearby, with kids trick or treating on Halloween
Prompt: Somewhere deep in the forest, a pair of lost, very frightened children have stumbled across an extremely terrifying looking house with a foundation that sits on four huge chicken-legs, & a horrifying witch looks out at them from an upstairs window of the house.
Photo quality 3D, sinister, horror
Prompt: witch house, (((A hags small one story house in a swampy forrest))), trees all around, highly detailed, moonlight, crooked trees, dripping, muddy, green shades
Prompt: surreal concept art of a strange winged cabin flying in an autumnal forest, foggy, gloomy, lots of details, intricate scene, correct, digital painting, fine tuned,  64k
Prompt:  dark fantasy art style, nighttime, lightning, evil, nightmare, travelling house, house that can walk, house with legs, bird legs, house on stilts, bird feet, tall house, walking, running, floating house evil witch, witchcraft, green lights, green windows, foggy, mist