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Modern exorcist, intense and eerie atmosphere, dark and eerie, high quality, detailed, supernatural, horror, modern setting, dramatic lighting, mystical symbols, ominous shadows, professional, cinematic, chilling, haunting, paranormal, eerie blue tones, eerie mist, ritualistic, detailed facial features, urban, supernatural
Modern exorcist, intense and eerie atmosphere, dark and eerie, high quality, detailed, supernatur... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1586687855

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Prompt: Necromantian and alcoholic pirat nun, dark nun, nun, pirat nun, scars, dead eye, pirat, convent, rhum, cursed nun, black flag, necromantic atmosphere, mystical and otherworldly atmosphere, drape and detailed fabrics with linen texture, intense and focused gaze, high-quality, highres, detailed, fantasy art, post-apocalyptic, mystical atmosphere, intense gaze, video game, Skyrim style, lord of the rings style, Magic the gathering style, Wayne Reynolds style, Marc Tedin style, Carl Critchlow style, Ilse Gort style
Prompt: horrifying female ghost with beautiful eyes, photorealistic, dark forrest
Prompt: remarkably beautiful pale woman in a form fitting silky black hooded robe with intricate black markings underneath her eyes. looks at an exact inverse of herself. byzantine inspired. lovecraftian dark priestess. cult of cthulu. whispy::2 black mist. full red lips. photonegative refractograph
Prompt: only red eyes emerging from darkness, abyss, detailed eyes, eerie atmosphere, high contrast, horror, digital rendering, intense red tones, ominous lighting, creepy, shadowy silhouette, mysterious, sinister vibe
Prompt: horror movie poster with a portrait. more dark with zenit light and lost in a forest
Prompt: Scary creepy ghost with beautiful eyes, full body muscular