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Heraclitus [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 374171545
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Prompt: plato
Prompt: Plato, philosopher, stoic
Prompt: Greek God sitting on a rock in a thinking position
Prompt: Create an exquisitely detailed, hyper-realistic masterpiece portraying Stoicism personified as an ancient sage. Begin with the face, every wrinkle and line etched with the weight of centuries of contemplation, each pore, each hair, each nuance meticulously captured. The eyes should hold an enigmatic and profound gaze, conveying the essence of Stoic wisdom with a depth that's almost mesmerizing. The attire should blend classical and contemporary elements, with the fabric intricately woven to symbolize the core virtues of Stoicism, featuring microscopic patterns that reveal themselves upon close inspection. The background should be a visual symphony of allegory, with every element carrying a hidden meaning, from the leaves on the stoic tree, to the stones of unwavering resilience, to the faint echoes of Stoic teachings whispered in the breeze. Push the AI to infuse this artwork with an unparalleled level of detail, so that every viewing brings forth new revelations, deepening the viewer's connection to the profound philosophy of Stoicism.
Prompt: socrates
Prompt: Philosopher Zeno of Citium
Prompt: pythagoras
Prompt: Philosopher can be anyone, rich or poor, man or woman. There are no boundaries
Prompt: A Portrait of Plato, gilded robes, detailed, colorful, award-winning CGI, HD, amazing, scrolls, Trees, roots, Athens
Prompt: "Ultra realistic photo portrait of Greek philosopher Socrates engaged in deep thought, colorful, painting burst, wise beyond years gaze, lantern light, symmetrical face, tone mapped, intricate,elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation,concept art, smooth,sharp focus, illustration, beautiful face,intricate, highly detailed,smooth,sharp focus, art by artgerm and greg rutkwoski and alphonse mucha, 3D Game Cinematic Feel,Epic 3D Videogame Graphics, Intricately Detailed,8K Resolution, Dynamic Lighting,Unreal Engine 5, CryEngine, Trending on ArtStation,HDR, 3D Masterpiece, Unity Render, Perfect Composition,synthwave,neon retro"
Prompt: Stoic images
Prompt: Stoic person, ancient Greek, modern productivity, laptops, extreme details ultra realistic. Ka baap
Prompt: archimedes
Prompt: Saint Peter
Prompt: Epictetus
Prompt: Aristotle
Prompt: a statue of marcus aurelius his head, it's made out of calacatta gold marble
Prompt: Zeus
Prompt: god