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hyperrealistic full color is a portrait of a transparent translucent gigantic zombie ghost silhouette as the firmament of the universe with very long tentacle hair flying in the essence of elementary chaos, stars, planets, sun, nebula, meteors, peaceful, incredible and intricate background, chtulu, alien, tentacle, kraken, spiderweb, gloomy, chaos, side view, Mysterious, death metal album cover art, dan seagrave, necrolord
hyperrealistic full color is a portrait of a transparent translucent gigantic zombie ghost silhou... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 2061778339

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Prompt: Eddie from Iron Maiden as the antichrist
Prompt: Eddie from Iron Maiden is a ghost
Prompt: black eldritch male god of death, evil, and darkness absorbing light in space, 4 arms, a smile, lots of tendrils spreading. full body picture
Prompt: Demonic death
Prompt: four-dimensional eldritch being, multiverse-traveling abomination, masterpiece painting, greg rutkowski, clive barker, alex grey, ethereal sci-fi fantasy, horrifying, disturbing, cosmic horror, (center frame), balanced composition, psychedelic art, trending on artstation
Prompt: eldritch god of evil, death, black holes, darkness, lots tendrils, smile, in space. full body
Prompt: giant celestial demonic being levitating in a starry solar system with earth between it's hands, space, black hole, planet, clouds, nebula, creature, monster, demon alien tentacles, demon, colorful, high constrast, lens flare, oil painting, detailed, 4 k, 8 k, peter mohrbacher
Prompt: a detailed description of a eldritch god named Keiran, the embodiment of darkness and oblivion, is an awe-inspiring and terrifying sight to behold. He often appears as an immense, shifting silhouette against the backdrop of the cosmos, his form a fathomless void that seems to draw in and consume all surrounding light. At times, he coalesces into a vaguely humanoid shape, towering and imposing, yet his features remain shrouded in shadow, save for the countless, burning eyes that pierce the darkness like malevolent stars. These eyes, akin to miniature black holes, consume all light that dares to approach, leaving only an unsettling emptiness in their wake.

His physical form is not static but rather a constantly shifting mass of darkness, occasionally resolving into clawed hands, bones,  fanged maws, roaming tendrils, and many long extended multi jointed arms, only to dissolve back into the amorphous void a moment later. This ever-changing eldritch horror nature reflects the chaotic and unpredictable forces of entropy and decay that Keiran embodies.
Prompt: Disease, Disease,
Spreading the disease,
With some help from Captain Trips,
He'll bring the world down to his knees,
Power, yes Power,
He'll show them all his power,
It pulses through his ice cold blood,
A whole world to devour,
He's seeing, He's calling,
His legacy, He's spawning,
He's coming, corrupting,
Among the living,
1÷10×√(50)×tan(78)+125^(2)÷√(8.888), fractal,organic matter, cellular colony, deep wiew,4k resolution,hyperdetailed, masterpiece, 3d modelling, abstract art, digital art