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<mymodel> ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), (detailed) illustration photographic,elongated alien-spacecraft hardsurface-modelling,exo-world background,traditional,perfect composition , hd octane render,high resolution scan, masterpiece, hyperrealism, delicate detailed complex, highly detailed, intricate detailed, volumetric lighting, light reflection, highly detailed concept art, trending on artstation, vivid colors, dim lights, 8k uhd, realistic, Nikon z9, raytracing, (sharpness:2. 0)
<mymodel> ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), (detailed) illustration photographic,... [more]
Model: a7321e63-fe96-499d-a14d-815d77773c50
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 40

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