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/imagine, coloring book, princess, in powder room
/imagine, coloring book, princess, in powder room [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 242689094

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Prompt: coloring page line art of a girl in a beautiful long and big ball gown sitting in a tree reading her head Is turned away and her hands can't be seen but her hair is long and in a braid
Prompt: Drawing of a spiritual home when love lives there. Whimsical style, Ray Caesar, Klimt
Prompt: Special bath for princess from 21 century
Prompt: coloring page line art of a girl in a beautiful long and big ball gown sitting in a tree reading her head is covered with her hair as it falls over her shoulders covering her face and hands
Prompt: Full body image of girl with Blonde  wearing romantic white dress with corset, long skirt with flowers, vintage style, hyper-detailed  designer line drawing, digital illustration, an illustrative masterpiece beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
Prompt: young girl, cinderella dress, a lot of details, high quality, standing straight, arms to the sides, paper doll, watercolor,
Prompt: illustration dior sartorial elegance, in the style of light pink and pink, doug hyde, bloomcore, vignettes of paris, large canvas sizes, rodel gonzalez, golden age aesthetics, single line art illustration, sparse and simple, y2k, adorable clipart, white background
Prompt: princess fantaghiro bath scene cartoon
Prompt: monochrome full body anime drawing of a cute, beautiful foxgirl wearing a beautiful strapless prom ballgown, simple drawing
Prompt: a futuristic image of a minimalist wedding dress worn by a simple plain girl. Make it pencil sketch acting as if drawn by da Vinci
Prompt: a ballgown, teal and maroon, dark moody background, bentocore
Prompt: <mymodel> wedding day bride in dress
Prompt: a painting of a woman in a blue dress, disney art, cinderella, portrait painting of a princess, photorealistic disney, disney's princess, princess portrait, disney princess, fairytale painting, painting of beautiful, fairytale artwork, gorgeous painting, disney artist, beautiful princess, beautiful fantasy painting, beautiful full body concept art, disney concept art, disney fantasy style, beautiful character painting
Prompt: beautiful nymph, pale hair up do, speckled black and white long dress, style of Vladimir Volegov
Prompt: FashionShow - ColoringBook style. Award winning fashion illustration of a stunning woman in a red dress. The dress is a bold and vibrant shade of red, capturing the attention of everyone in the room. The woman is depicted with a graceful and elegant style, exuding confidence and sophistication. Her hair is styled in loose curls that frame her face, with a touch of red lipstick that matches her dress perfectly. The illustration shows the woman in a full - body - angle, highlighting the intricate details of the dress and her confident posture.
Prompt: Title: "Haunted Elegance"

Imagine a young girl with long, flowing hair wearing an elegant, vintage dress. She's standing in a dimly lit and cobweb-filled room of an old haunted mansion. Her attire includes a stylish, wide-brimmed hat that casts eerie shadows over her face. The room is filled with antique furniture covered in dust cloths, and the windows are cracked, allowing moonlight to filter in, creating a haunting atmosphere.

Position the girl in a slightly tilted pose, as if she's just turned her head to look at something mysterious. Her expression should convey a mix of curiosity and trepidation, as if she's exploring the haunted house. You can also add details like her holding a flickering candle or an antique mirror that reflects a ghostly presence.

Use dramatic lighting to create the spooky ambiance. Illuminate her face and the hat with a soft, warm light source, while leaving the surrounding room in deep shadows. The play of light and shadow will add depth and realism to the portrait.

Pay close attention to the haunted house setting. Add cracked walls, peeling wallpaper, and broken furniture to enhance the eerie atmosphere. Incorporate subtle paranormal elements like ghostly apparitions in the background or mysterious mist creeping in from the corners of the room.

Color Palette:
For a haunted look, consider using a desaturated color palette with cool, muted tones. You can add pops of color to the girl's dress or hat to make her stand out in the scene.

Pay attention to small details like the girl's facial expression, the texture of her dress, the hat's intricate design, and the eerie artifacts scattered around the room. These details will help bring realism to the portrait.
Prompt:  a painting of a woman in a blue dress , figurative art, disney art, cinderella, portrait painting of a princess
Prompt: /imagine, coloring book,  princess, 20 pictures
Prompt: coloring page line art of a girl her back is to us but you can see her long hair and beautiful long ball gown as she sits in the tree
Prompt: Anton Pieck-style gown design sketches, vintage paper, line art, fantasy style, detailed, nostalgic, sepia tones, intricate linework, old-fashioned, vintage, high quality, professional, daring, satin silk, artistic, detailed, cozy atmosphere, antique style, romantic, soft lighting
Prompt: Vibrant 1956 Dior fashion show with elegant models, glamorous audience, flowy colorful gowns, detailed embroidery, vintage, high fashion, 1950s glamour, lively atmosphere, exquisite design, luxurious materials, highres, vintage couture, detailed patterns, glamorous, audience in awe, runway spectacle, classic elegance, soft lighting
Prompt: Line sketch of a woman i a dress with flowers