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Wolf [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 131414428

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Prompt: Grey Male Alpha wolf with blue eyes, forest
Prompt: (black wolf), realistic, photograph, epic oil painting, (hyper real), furry, (hyper detailed), extremely beautiful, (on back), gleaming burnt sienna eyes, red eyes, white chin, UHD, studio lighting, best quality, professional, photorealism, masterpiece, ray tracing, 8k eyes, 8k, highly detailed, highly detailed fur, hyper realistic thick fur, (high quality fur), fluffy, fuzzy, close up, rear view, hyper detailed eyes, perfect composition, ray tracing, masterpiece, trending, instagram, artstation, deviantart, best art, best photograph, unreal engine, high octane, cute, adorable smile, lying on back, flipped on back, lazy, peaceful, (highly detailed background), cliffside, overlooking river, overlooking abandoned town, overgrown with nature, vivid, vibrant, intricate facial detail, incredibly sharp detailed eyes, incredibly realistic fur, concept art, anne stokes, yuino chiri, character reveal, extremely detailed fur, sapphire sky, complementary colors, golden ratio, rich shading, vivid colors, high saturation colors, nintendo, pokemon, silver light beams
Prompt: highly detailed wolf into nature, highly detailed eyes, highly detailed fur, high resolution scan, 64k, UHD, HDR, hyper realistic, Canon EOS R5, Canon EF 100mm f/4.5 ii, wildlife context, cinematic lighting, crystal clear photograph, absolutely real, close shot, looking at me, extraordinary glance, epic composition, epic proportion.
Prompt: wolf