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Hi-res. Cinematic style. Pretty woman with long wavy black hair and blue eyes. Dressed in a tight and white tank-top and long skirt. Sitting in a meditation pose, in front of a Jedi Temple. Smiling at the camera. 30 years old.
Hi-res. Cinematic style. Pretty woman with long... [more]
Model: Juggernaut XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 1440614311
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Prompt: A very pretty full figured woman. Long wavy black hair. Blue eyes. She is a Jedi. A tight white tank top and long white skirt. Sitting in a meditative pose in front of a temple. Hi-res art style. Cinematic
Prompt: man meditating
Prompt: PlayStation 5 controller as a future armor, armor is made of white marble, white crown with PlayStation logo, black woman with dreads, fighting pose,
Prompt: "Develop an image that conveys the transformation from inertia to action through morning yoga. Depict a person emerging from a dark hole, symbolizing the feeling of stagnation and procrastination. While performing a vigorous yoga pose, rays of light radiate from their body, gradually filling the space around and dissipating the darkness. The person's facial expression should reflect a mixture of determination and surprise in the face of their own inner strength. Visual elements such as objects representing tasks to be accomplished emerge from the hole alongside the person, indicating the movement out of inertia. The setting shifts from shadows to more vibrant tones, emphasizing the positive change that occurs when the person embraces morning yoga as a means to leave procrastination behind and embrace a day of ultra productivity and achievements."
Prompt: Give a picture of a snake plant so that one person who is doing yoga is meditating
Prompt: a beautiful  hippie girl meditating in a beach holding an avocado smoothie at sunset in maldives near a beach hut called "down to earth"
Prompt: Create a the scene where there's a woman practicing yoga, but once you come closer there's a cute heart smiling at you.
Prompt: woman in meditation, red long hair, forest, pine trees, sparkling water
Prompt: Modern witch, 16 years old,

Attractive, beautiful, female,

Long black hair, thick thighs, 

Yoga or athletic clothes, tight fitting clothes, light colors, 

symmetrical, tattoos on arms, tattoos on thighs, 

Candid photography, not posed, Photoreal, 12k, detailed, soft light, depth of field, cinematic,
Prompt: A young hindu girl seated in lotus position. Inside a Shiva temple. cute. Rpg art. 2d art. 2d. Well draw face. Detailed.
Prompt: Exploring the Benefits of Meditation for Holistic Health
Prompt: "Develop an image that illustrates the transformative power of morning yoga in breaking the chains of procrastination. Depict a person emerging with determination from within a giant hourglass. As they perform a yoga pose, grains of sand flow around them, symbolizing the mastery of time and the transition into an ultra-productive day. Gentle rays of sunrise highlight this moment of renewal, while visual elements like torn calendars or completed tasks in the background underscore the accomplishment of activities once postponed. The person's facial expression should mirror a blend of confidence and relief, encapsulating the sense of triumph over procrastination and the awakening to a new level of productivity."
Prompt: Create a the scene where there's a woman practicing yoga, but once you come closer there's a cute heart smiling at you.
Prompt: a woman seated in a lotus position on earth, looking up at the night stars. Show the woman from the back. highly detailed, UHD, soft lighting, ultra realistic, 8K
Prompt: Woman with huge bossoms in yoga poses
Prompt: Photo of stretching
Prompt: happy androgynous common urban ocident person with clothes meditating with hands together and realistic skin color few traces transparent background