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A boy in a student uniform as a angel talk with a himself on a devil mode of him, surrealism, 4k hd
A boy in a student uniform as a angel talk with... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 571968286
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Prompt: Elf. Illyrian wings. Night ambient scenery. Mist, smoke. Analog style portrait+ style, woman and man couple, hugging, kissing. Hyperealistic 8k shot, high-resolution, Up-close focus, Highly detailed face, UHD, HD, 8k. Elain Archeron and Azriel from ACOTAR book series. Elain has long flowing golden-brown hair, soft features, fair skin, black dress. Azriel has golden-brown skin, short black hair, sharp facial features, brooding look, strong jawline, high cheekbones, hazel eyes, graceful, dark practical clothes, deep blue, silver and metallic details, stealth.
Prompt: An alternate reality with houses that have wings
Prompt: A girl from an animated movie who has big beautiful angel wings
Prompt: desert fire supernatural entity 
wings eyes cosmic horror
Prompt: an androgynous person spreading wings realizing they they are free and happy  in the style of fantasy
Prompt: Caleb (brown hair, glasses) as an angel
Prompt: masterpiece, illustration, best quality), 1 singular Beautiful androgynous, with wings, pixie style haircut, modern fashion, flying above a field of stars on a foreign planet
Prompt: androgynous, with wings, pixie style haircut, a field of stars on a foreign planet
Prompt: Generate a haunting and mysterious artwork, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic nature of pigeons. Dive into the darker side of the urban avian realm, where shadows loom and secrets dwell. Explore the contrast between light and darkness, using the pigeon as a symbol of resilience and adaptability in an eerie urban landscape. Let the AI art generator bring forth elements of mystique, with deep shadows, muted colors, and a sense of foreboding. Capture the enigma and allure of these misunderstood creatures as they navigate the dimly lit corners of the cityscape. Allow the artwork to evoke a sense of intrigue, inviting viewers to contemplate the hidden depths and untold stories that exist within the world of pigeons. Through the AI's creative prowess, bring to life a dark and evocative masterpiece that challenges preconceptions and uncovers the beauty in the shadows.
Prompt: the boy behind him is a wing-shaped light on the left light blue, the wing on the right is green, 4k, highly detail
Prompt: Erstelle mir ein Bild 
-ein kleiner Junge guckt in den Sternenhimmel und lächelt 
Der Junge guckt zu Himmel
Prompt: /imagine prompt: color photo of a man with wings, a mysterious and ethereal being that defies the laws of nature. His wings stretch wide, adorned with iridescent feathers that shimmer in the sunlight. The man's expression is serene, his eyes filled with a sense of wonder and freedom. The environment surrounding him is an open sky, with fluffy clouds and a backdrop of a golden sunset, creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere. The mood is one of awe and enchantment, as the man gracefully soars through the heavens, embracing the limitless possibilities of flight. The camera settings for this otherworldly capture include a high-resolution digital camera, capturing the intricate details of the man's wings and expression. The lens used is a wide-angle lens, allowing for a sweeping view of the expansive sky. This unlikely collaboration of directors, cinematographers, photographers, fashion designers, including Guillermo del Toro, Emmanuel Lubezki, Tim Walker, and Alexander McQueen, would bring forth a visual narrative that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy, leaving viewers captivated and inspired. —c 10 —ar 2:3
Prompt: War Angel holding her daughter while crying, falling meteroite in fire in the background, ultra detailed, hyperdetailed, 3D, Realistic, 4k, Futuristic, Dying world, Ultra wide
Prompt: Michael Angel Estrada
Prompt: dragon ruby fight flames wings monastery barracks castle  dragon  forest background || VERY ANIME, fine-face, realistic shaded perfect face, fine details. Anime. realistic shaded lighting poster by Ilya Kuvshinov katsuhiro otomo ghost-in-the-shell, magali villeneuve, artgerm, Jeremy Lipkin and Michael Garmash, Rob Rey and Kentarõ Miura style, trending on art station

dragon ruby fight flames wings monastery barracks castle  dragon  overlord wizard tower  at night  smoke and mist, cinematic view, epic sky, detailed, concept art, low angle, high detail, warm lighting, volumetric, godrays, vivid, beautiful, trending on artstation, by jordan grimmer, huge scene, grass, art greg rutkowski

dragon ruby fight flames wings monastery barracks castle  Wadimbledon tennis court, England, painterly digital art, dragon age, game creature character design, concept art, artstation, behance hd by Jesper Ejsing, by RHADS, Makoto Shinkai Cyril Rolando

dragon ruby fight flames wings monastery barracks castle  forest surrounding medieval hobbit homes 1 8 5 0, rule of thirds golden ratio, fake detail, trending pixiv fanbox,, style of makoto shinkai studio ghibli genshin impact jamie wyeth james gilleard greg rutkowski chiho aoshima
Prompt: a white phoenix flying over a volcano. The wings are illuminated with the sunlight, golden sparks trail comng from the phoenix. Digital realistic art, bird like figure
Prompt: Caleb (brown hair, glasses) as an angel
Prompt: Two human-avian hybrid brothers flying with each other, with their two wings touching each other
Prompt: Demonic Angels glowing
Prompt: masterpiece, illustration, best quality), androgynous, with wings, pixie style haircut, a field of stars on a foreign planet
Prompt: symmetry!! portrait of a skinny man angel with glasses AND straight brown hair, havon big wings, with an halo, face close - up, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha
Prompt: “There are times when life is but a blink and all you have are the dreams you carry on your back — memories of something that once was.”
Prompt: masterpiece, illustration, best quality), (High-Res Beauty - Masterpiece, Pretty Face, Neck Ribbon), 1 singular Beautiful androgynous swordsman, with wings, pixie style haircut, modern fashion, flying above a field of stars on a foreign planet
Prompt: beautiful faces, angels and demons fighting in space, chaos
Prompt: a male,  four white wings, angel, young,  dark hair, sad looking,  light around, poor clothes, no amor, sun aura, night, polish folk clothing , medival look, sunshine, clouds , full pose, pantheon in the background, high quality face details, by ruan jia, by alphonse mucha, by krenz cushart, by Julie Bell, by Gerald Brom,  beautiful intricate exquisite imaginative exciting, fantasy, shadows,  vray render, artstation, deviantart, pinterest, 5 0 0 px models, high resolution, blender
Prompt: action photo of angelic teen boy with glossy white hair and evil black  halo, clear background, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed