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Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1478690504
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Prompt: Cubism
Prompt: Divine Christian symbolism in cosmic abstract Rays beyond horizon by Picasso and kandinsky
Prompt: norse mythology random scene in kazimir malevich style
Prompt: Painting by Kandinsky, beige background
Prompt: Thousands of pablo Picasso paintings in one frame
Prompt: Picasso style cubism
Prompt: jazz piano in the style of picasso
Prompt: God 🙏 abstract cubism realistic painting hidden items random items placed in the painting like a coloring book
Prompt: For this please be as if you are a brilliant young artist and I would like to see your best artwork. You are a young up-and-coming star, the whole world`s art fraternities and artists and art collectors are talking about you a, young prodigy with rare talent in abstract art.  You have an artistic brain and therefore talent, that is far beyond anything anyone thought possible, are one a one in gazillions. Your work has been called abstract with surrealism bordering on absurd.It has been said that you seem to have an obsession with reflection gone wrong and strange dolphins in your art.  Please paint the picture that made the world take notice of you.
Prompt: A abstract cubism Michaelangelo painting mixed with Salvador Dali painting mixed with Picasso painting mixed with Jackson Pollock painting of murder
Prompt: Salvador Dali's painting of Picassos Guernica in Triadic 
Prompt: God 🙏 abstract cubism realistic painting
Prompt: Picasso's "The nine circles of hell" is in Triadic color, with matted hair, a broken body, and brains spilling out.
Prompt: A cubist painting
Prompt: The universe connected and abstract cubism
Prompt: cubism style painting of anxiety
Prompt: A abstract painting big cubical background with different shapes and items  and sizes of shapes textured textures into this painting different dimensions in this image different hidden items like a puzzle random lines or out of place items or things in this picture. A man walking a Dog random placement. Picasso style, Salvador Dali style
Prompt: Picasso style cubism
Prompt: city in kazimir malevich style
Prompt: The universe connected and abstract cubism
Prompt: Picasso mixed with Da Vinci  abstract textured like Pollack type painting with hidden messages in the painting like a woman walking a dog and a man playing catch with his kids or hidden items like a toy or a upside down sun or a backwards half moon the whole picture upside down abstract beautiful picture with details and realistic but off images in painting different shapes and colors abstract different worm holes with diff images in picture caveman drawings