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3D visualization of a dreamlike environment where luminous green figures with prominent, lively eyes come forth from a reflective pool. Their habitat is bathed in gold, flame-like illuminations and garnished with intricate twirls, radiating a magical aura in the deep darkness.
3D visualization of a dreamlike environment whe... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: The image depicts a mystical scene where gelatinous, luminous green creatures with large, expressive eyes emerge from a reflective liquid. Their surroundings are illuminated by golden fire-like elements, and intertwined with intricate tendrils, casting an enchanting glow against the dark ambiance.
Prompt: Digital art of a golden woman's face, adorned with a network of wires. One of her eyes is strikingly photorealistic, contrasting with the surrounding futuristic robotic elements. The backdrop merges dark cyan and yellow hues, with hints of paint dripping technique giving it a unique touch.
Prompt: Wide photo of a steampunk-inspired mechanical face with radiant golden gears embedded within its structure. The eyes, captivating and large, are surrounded by ornate metal designs that evoke a sense of antiquity. The lips, reflecting light, stand out amidst a plethora of detailed mechanical parts.
Prompt: slime monster emerge from the glowing slime in wide ratio
Prompt: The image is an artistic macro photo, showcasing the mystical blue-furred feline in a unique and creative way. The focus is on the feline’s luminous amber eyes, with the fur around the eyes appearing almost like a mystical landscape. The colors are enhanced and there are artistic effects applied to give the image a dreamy, enchanted feel. The background includes soft bokeh lights, creating a sense of depth and adding to the magical atmosphere.
Prompt: lovecraftian creature hatching from a very bright ball of light kind of egg, glowing magenta
Prompt: styls, free images, in the style of sci-fi realism, red and amber, colorful portraits, hyper-detailed illustrations, solarizing master, ray tracing, painted illustrations in square ratio
Prompt: Illustration depicting a face, shimmering in gold, with wires cascading around. The eye captures attention with its photorealism, and metallic rectangles float around. The scene is set against a dark cyan and yellow gradient, embodying a futuristic Victorian aesthetic with paint drips.
Prompt: Color Palette: Predominantly turquoise, with subtle hints of gold. The image contains various shades ranging from deep, oceanic turquoise to lighter, aqua shades. The color is radiant, capturing the essence of light and luminosity in a photo-realistic quality.  Forehead Details: The skin of the forehead has a mesmerizing deep turquoise tone with intricate, detailed patterns resembling ripples or waves. The center of the forehead has a contrasting gold emblem or tattoo, adding depth and intrigue.  Surrounding Texture: Encasing the forehead, there are water droplets or dew formations. This watery texture gives a sense of freshness and enhances the theme of an ocean or aquatic environment. The sharpness and clarity of these droplets further emphasize the focus on minute details.  Lighting: The image uses dramatic lighting, highlighting the surface of the forehead and the droplets. This results in a glossy effect, especially evident on the skin, lending it a refreshed or hydrated look.  Depth & Focus: The depth of field is shallow, with the main focus on the center of the forehead and the immediate surrounding area, causing the peripheral sections to gradually blur, drawing the viewer's attention straight to the forehead.  Mood & Atmosphere: The overall style exudes a sense of calm, serenity, and perhaps even a touch of mysticism. The aquatic theme, combined with the intense glow, might evoke emotions of tranquility, meditation, and introspection.
Prompt: In a panoramic view, witness the allure of a world ahead in time. A woman, symbolizing the pinnacle of future fashion, stands out with her spotless white headphones and illuminating orange visor. The backdrop pulsates with shapes that ebb and flow like liquid metal, intertwined with dazzling glimmers of amber and polished chrome, painting a narrative of a universe where style and tech converge.
Prompt: Horror, Eerie, Spooky psychedelic 
 cinematic, Nebula, 3D, HD, swirl twist{yellow eye}ball gold, expansive metallic background, sunset, freeform dark chaos, hyper realistic, 8K --s98500
Prompt: full size cat godess laying in her temple, in the style of high - tech futurism, in the style of gold and cyan, egyptian x egyptian patterns, stripes and shapes, harsh realism, ramses younan, made of liquid metal, mark brooks, robotic motifs
Prompt: Digital art of an otherworldly scene where soft, glowing green creatures with pronounced eyes emerge from a glistening substance. The space is aglow with gold, fire-resembling elements and is decorated with complex vines, casting a bewitching light in the obsidian ambiance.
Prompt: Beautiful, Epic, Amazing, dark swirl, 3D, HD, Mandelbrot Julia Fractal ink, (Beautiful {Steampunk Princess}), freeform psychedelic chaos ultra HD, digital painting,  cosmos background, uber detailed, 64k, high quality, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed --s98500
Prompt: Surrealistic digital art of a yellow and black alien, incorporating photobashing techniques, set against a futuristic cityscape reminiscent of cyberpunk aesthetics.
Prompt: An illustration of a multidimensional being in outer space, characterized by its many eyes and intricate fractal patterns, with a backdrop of swirling galaxies.
Prompt: Wide image of a robotic figure with large, speaker-like eyes emanating a gentle glow with mesmerizing patterns. The robot's teal and rusted metal body is intricately detailed with wires and mechanical components. The backdrop features a myriad of electronic circuits and pulsing lights, hinting at an advanced tech setting.
Prompt: In a wide format, a surreal landscape unfolds with a radiant figure sporting a blue face and three distinct buns, contrasted against an amber sky filled with rays of light. The serene water below mirrors this entity, with crimson islets floating around and a solitary silhouette witnessing the magical scene.
Prompt: full size cat godess laying in her temple, in the style of high - tech futurism, in the style of gold and cyan, egyptian x egyptian patterns, stripes and shapes, harsh realism, ramses younan, made of liquid metal, mark brooks, robotic motifs
Prompt: Cinematic visualization: In a twilight setting, emphasize the enthralling eyes of a lady entirely made from wet paper pieces. These pieces, detaching, reveal alien iridescent greenish textures. Her intense eyes, originally human, evolve into soft-glowing amber greenish pink alien pupils with swirling designs, evoking an aura of the unknown.
Prompt: 3D render of a woman's face, made entirely of gold, with wires intricately woven around. The eye showcases photorealistic details, while metallic rectangles hover around. The background features a blend of dark cyan and yellow, reminiscent of a futuristic Victorian era with dripping paint effects.
Prompt: 3D visualization of a surreal wetland, inhabited by radiant beings that emerge, their core merging the elements of flames and liquid. This world blends transcendent allure with a sense of intrigue and marvel.
Prompt: 3D render of a vast cosmic realm where human faces form constellations in the night sky. These faces are deeply immersed in a nebulous cloud, with radiant liquid amber stars dripping from them. Large checkerboard-patterned planets with intricate details orbit around these constellations, making the entire scene look mesmerizing and otherworldly.
Prompt: Hypnotic illustration of an Alien and Money, hypnotic, psychedelic art, pop surrealism, dark glow neon paint, mystical, Behance, 4k, 8k, UHD, professional, studio lighting, unreal engine
Prompt: The image displays a robotic figure with large, round eyes that resemble speakers. The eyes emit a soft glow with captivating patterns. The robot's body, a combination of teal and rusted metals, is adorned with wires and mechanical details. In the backdrop, there's an array of electronic circuits and lights, suggesting a high-tech environment.