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a 3/4 close up of a robotic centipede, wearing futuristic visors and a shotgun, bladerunner background, shiny cyberpunk colors, retrofuturism, 1970s sci-fi, character
a 3/4 close up of a robotic centipede, wearing futuristic visors and a shotgun, bladerunner backg... [more]
Model: RealVisXL V4.0
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 150786185

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Prompt: cyberpunk creature from the black lagoon, technological modifications, in full view
Prompt: "Digital watercolor cute chibi baby C3PO from Star Wars, Fantasyscape sunset, by Waterhouse, Carne Griffiths, Minjae Lee, Ana Paula Hoppe, Stylized watercolor art, Intricate, Complex contrast, HDR, Sharp, soft Cinematic Volumetric lighting, flowery pastel colours, wide long shot, perfect masterpiece"
Prompt: Redesigned metallic rasta iron man Gritty dark camouflage instead of red and gold. Intense futuristic military commando-trained villain Todd McFarlane rasta iron man. Bloody. Hurt. Damaged mask. Accurate. realistic. evil eyes. Slow exposure. Detailed. Dirty. Dark and gritty. Post-apocalyptic Neo Tokyo with fire and smoke .Futuristic. Shadows. Sinister. Armed. Fanatic. Intense.
Prompt: Hyper-robot samurai face with broken mind, graffiti art, Chinese background words, cyan, pink, blue and purple tones, cyberpunk, dystopian setting, intricate details, urban street art, futuristic, neon lights, intense and distorted expression, highres, ultra-detailed, cyberpunk, graffiti art, samurai, broken mind, Chinese characters, futuristic, neon, cyan, pink, blue, purple, dystopian, intense expression, urban, intricate details, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: Q9-0 mercenary droid, metallic textures, high-tech blaster rifle, futuristic spacecraft interior, advanced robotic design, intense red and blue lighting, digital artwork, sci-fi, mechanical details, intense and focused gaze, professional, highres, ultra-detailed, futuristic, cyberpunk, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: Futuristic. A bald man with a ginger beard. 30yrs old. English. Futuristic Union Jack armour and mask. Bionic eyes and cyber enhancements. Lots of roses, Ferns and mushrooms in background. Dark and edgy with neon accents. Cyberpunk style. Raw. Gritty. Dirty.
Prompt: robot, 8K quality, blood, gore, cyber punk, retro-wave, drawn, space time continuum
Prompt: gelly cute adorable alien monster, full-body, neon glow colors, highly intricate details, 3d, cgi, realistic light, trending on cgsociety, glowing eyes, facing camera, neon details, ultra realistic details, portrait, sci fi atmosphere, global illumination, shadows, octane render, 8 k, ultra sharp, cat attributes, smooth skin, friendly, luxury toy, shiny tail, shiny chakras, lime or sky blue