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draw Alice in wonderland book cover with some japanese cherry blossoms alongside with mushrooms and deck of cards
draw Alice in wonderland book cover with some j... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1975298794
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Prompt: card deck
Prompt: Alice in Wonderland characters playing mushroom instruments
Prompt: create a red and black superhero goat in medieval playing card style
Prompt: red wallpaper with falling money and poker cards
Prompt: a cute anime girl with frog overalls and a mushroom hat. Forest with pond background
Prompt: the mushroom man, dmt dream, psycadelic
Prompt: Mushroom gnome oak tree, trippy
Prompt: Mushroom gnome oak tree, trippy
Prompt: Psychedelic illustration of fairies, rainbow mushrooms, garden and flowers
Prompt: A very pretty dreamy girl, beautiful face, upturned light hazel eyes, long floating hazel hair in a field of mushrooms in the super mario world, sitting on a mushroom art by Lin Fengmian, Anna dittmann, Justin Gaffrey, John Lowrie Morrison, Patty Maher, John Ruskin, Chris Friel, van Gogh, Valerie Hegarty, endre penovac. 3d, soft colors watercolors and ink, beautiful, fantastic view, extremely detailed, intricate, best quality, highest definition
Prompt: Mushrooms
Prompt: There are an elf (he) and a fairy (she) who are in love and wearing aesthetic vintage clothes. They are living in their magical plantlike house which is like a big mushroom. There is a blue river across their house. They are living between the woods ( a fairytale jungle). Many aesthetic animals are there.
Prompt: Mushroom Valley, Giant Mushrooms, Magical Atmopshere, High Fantasy, HQ, Magical Girl, Girl Picking Mushrooms, Pink Dress
Prompt: card deck
Prompt: Mushrooms, trippy, art nouveau, colorful
Prompt: alice in wonderland with brunette hair and with cute face, sitting on a mushroom, solarpunk, maximalist highly detailed and intricate professional photography, a masterpiece, 8k resolution concept art, detailed matte painting, deep color, fantastical, intricate detail, splash screen, complementary colors, fantasy concept art, 8k resolution trending on Artstation Unreal Engine 5
Prompt: Mushrooms in the style of Lisa frank
Prompt: Jack playing card with El Salvador theme
Prompt: Pink mushroom in a blue enchanted forest. Cartoon
Prompt: make me a picture of a mystical fantasy chanterelle shaped mushroom. colourful.  concept art. sketch.
Prompt: dark creepy gothic forest scene with white rabbit and mushrooms and blond girl and mad hatter drawn in the style of 80s/90s neon poster
Prompt: A girl lost in a Magical colorful pastel color mushrooms place
Prompt: Alice in Wonderland
Prompt: Black cat, tarot cards, Ouija
Prompt: alice in wonderland with brunette hair and with cute face, sitting on a mushroom, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed
Prompt: Alice in wonderland but wes Anderson style
Prompt: A bunch of strange elves with Amber eyes , Big Ears and a colorfull skin walking over a Big Root. Mystic Vibes. Foggy Grove. Mushrooms. Psychedelic Background. Photorealistic