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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 1024Height: 576

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Prompt: Nature Background with greenery, Flowing Water in Somewhere, A Beautiful Farm House, Highly Detailed, Hyper Realistic, Highest Resolution, 8K
Prompt: Looking from above, isometric, Lush jungle with miniature stone ancient city, branches connecting large trees, lizard vivarium, steep mossy cliffs, thick vines, detailed foliage, highres, tiki, night time, torches, miniature city, lush greenery, carved stone, atmospheric lighting, detailed
Prompt: fish pond image has house
Prompt: low poly tropical island with one unique cabin, 12k, UHD 3D, richly detailed
Prompt: 2d house, 2d environment, 2d art, 2d art, amazing detail, artstation, concept art, extremely detailed, 2.5d game, minimalist, 16 bits